Sunrise Abstracts at the Railroad Tracks

An abstract photo of an oncoming train with the City of Atlanta in the background. There's lots of movement and light trails

An abstract photo of the railroad tracks with the City of Atlanta in the background

Abstract Railroad Tracks

I was up early Sunday morning for a meetup with my friend Lauren's group - The Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers. 

We went over to the Westside for sunrise. I've taken photos at this bridge before but never at sunrise. 

I looked at the weather and stepped outside before I went. My weather app said 52 and it didn't feel cold at all. Note to self - always bring a heavy jacket and leave it in the car, just in case

When we got to the bridge, it was much breezier than it was at home. Standing on the bridge for an hour taking photos as the sun came up, I thought I'd freeze! 

I had layered two light sweatshirts but that was not enough. Ugh. I tried not to let that stop me from having fun and getting some photos. Here's one I liked:

A long exposure early morning shot of the railroad tracks with the City of Atlanta in the background. It's still dark out and the lights of the city are still on.

25 seconds, f10, ISO 200

Abstract Photo Fun

As you can see from the cover shot on this post, I was also having some fun with intentional camera movement for an abstract look. This was a 6-second exposure at f18, ISO 100. 

I loosened up the ball head on my tripod, held the camera as horizontal as I could, and then tilted the camera up and then back down. That's what gave it the ghost-train look toward the top of the photo as well as some ghosting of the city buildings. 

I like the way the railroad tracks go up and to the right out of the photo. 

It's fun playing around for different effects. The results aren't always pretty but I love it when it works.  

The sunrise was a little grayer than I would have liked when we were standing on the bridge and had the great view.

Of course, after the sun came up and we took our cameras off the tripods and started walking, the oranges and yellows really came out!

A fiery orange and yellow sunrise in Atlanta with the Bank of America building in the background

The colors came out when we left the bridge!

Despite not dressing warm enough, it was a fun morning catching up with friends from the Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers, seeing another beautiful Atlanta sunrise, and getting some photos!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend, and how about those Braves last night?

See you between the raindrops!


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