An Abstract Quilt for an Abstract Photo

An Atlanta photographer's colorful abstract photo of some trees in fallAbstract of colorful fall trees

Photo-Inspired Colorful Quilt

If you've followed me for a while, it's possible you've seen the above photo. It's an abstract photo I took a few years ago during the fall season. The subject is some colorful trees in my neighborhood. 

I like to play around with intentional camera movement and I liked the way this came out. It's my homage to Claude Monet. 

My Mom loved this photo - so much so that my Dad bought it for her for Mother's Day (I think it was Mother's Day). 

But, the cool thing is what my Mom did after she hung the photo. 

She made a quilt to complement the colors and style of the photo!

Here she is with the quilt - ignore the dog, dog bed, old dust ruffle on the bed, and all the other distractions LOL. 

My mom with the colorful quilt she made to match the print

Mom with the quilt she made inspired by the print on the wall

Pretty cool, right?

All my life I've heard my mom say, "I'm not creative!" Umm...I beg to differ. 

My mom is very creative, but like many people, she thinks she isn't. The only thing you need to do to be creative is to create and create some more. That's something my mom is great at. 

That quilt? It's one of many, many quilts mom has made over the years. She's made quilts for everyone in the family and then some. They are amazing quilts. 

One of my favorites is one she made for my youngest. It's a quilt that has featured squares made out of my daughter's favorite old t-shirts. It's not your average t-shirt quilt. It's really something else. If I wasn't writing this at the last minute, I'd have my Dad find a photo of it so I could share it. 

And Dad - he gets in on the act. Those quilts take a lot of figuring out when it comes to how much of each type of material. I'm pretty sure I could never do it. 

Dad is a retired engineer and former rocket scientist. He figures out all the math and geometry. Mom does all the putting together and sewing. 

Okay - done bragging about my parents for the day:)

I'm done with my antibiotics and feeling so much better than I have in weeks. I'm still a bit tired but I suspect that may take some time to resolve itself fully. I just want to stay healthy for the rest of this year - and beyond.

Wishing you good health as well!

See you between the raindrops!


You can see the above print in the Atlanta gallery here