A Bus in the Tunnel

An Atlanta photographer captures the light trails of a bus in the Krog Street TunnelCapturing a bus in the tunnel

Capturing a Bus in Krog Street Tunnel

It's been almost a month since I sprained my ankle, and it's still sore and achy, probably because I have a hard time staying off it.

Between making sure the dog and I get at least some exercise and taking care of my granddaughter a few days a week, it's been tough getting the ankle elevated enough.

I've got some city spots I want to get to for some photos but by the time evening rolls around, between my achy ankle and the crazy thunderstorms, I can't convince myself to go out and shoot.

What about that storm here in the ATL on Monday night? I haven't seen that much lightning in a while!

I did come across this shot when I was editing and I don't think I've shared it yet. It was another one of my favorites from the last time I was shooting in Krog Street Tunnel. 

The reason I love this shot so much is because I captured a small bus going through the tunnel so I ended up with light trails near the ceiling of the tunnel. You can wait all evening sometimes and never have a bus go by. 

Or, you can wait all evening and when the bus does go by, you miss it because you were in the middle of another shot!

I got lucky on this shoot because I was using my friend's camera that has live composite mode and a bus went by. 

Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, my ankle will feel better and I can get back out so I'll have some new photos. Maybe it won't be quite so hot and stormy by then either.

Until then, see you between the raindrops!