Halloween on Adams Avenue

The haunted house on Adams Ave in Georgia

The Adams Avenue House

A Georgia Halloween

I know, it's a few days early (okay four days!) but I get excited about Halloween. 

I loved Halloween as a kid, especially when it fell on a school night and we got to stay out with friends. Of course, when it fell on a weekend, it was even better. 

Growing up in Southern California, we never had to worry about bad weather. It was a little chilly sometimes but more often it was warm or even hot. 

My love of Halloween carried into adulthood when my son was born on Halloween!

My son's memory of growing up in Georgia was that the weather was perfect until about three days before Halloween and then it got cold or rainy or both.

The kids were always trying to figure out the best costume to stay warm while trick-or-treating. 

This year hasn't disappointed. It was in the 40s this morning!

Adams Avenue Halloween

A few years ago, I helped out my friend, Lauren, with a Halloween photography workshop she did at her friend's down in Sparta. 

It was a blast.

Her friend, Milt, (we called him Uncle Miltie), had all kinds of great ghost stories about his house. He bought it furnished and full of the previous owner's stuff, including old photos, furniture, letters, and the odd supernatural happening now and then. 

The atmosphere was divine and we had the best weekend!

Part of the weekend included making what appeared to be a living heart out of a celery root. Uncle Miltie used it for a creepy photoshoot we did in the basement of the abandoned house pictured here in the cover photo.

It was so awesome that the house happened to be on Adams Avenue!

I never did have a lot of time to go back and edit those photos, so I had a good time last night editing the empty house.

I wanted to give it an old-timey feel, so I desaturated part of the photo while pumping up the oranges and yellows.

I added the birds for the creepiness factor.   

I lost track of time and when I looked up I'd been working for a couple of hours and it was getting late. I'm pretty happy with the creepy look. 

Here's one of the photos of Uncle Miltie from the basement photoshoot:

Uncle Miltie looking horrifying with a "bloody" heart (fake heart made from celery root)

Fun times! What do you like to do for Halloween?

I'm guessing everyone will celebrate on Saturday since it falls on a Sunday this year. I never get any tricker-treaters in my neighborhood. 

Happy birthday to my son, Rory!

I hope whatever you do, you have a wonderful Halloween, and it looks like we won't have to worry about darting between the raindrops!


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