Help Me Name a Print?

A creative edit of the view of a water tower and smokestacks behind Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta

Oakland Cemetery with the Stacks Lofts and the water tower in the background 

Weekend Atlanta

This past weekend in Atlanta was gorgeous! Hard to believe it's March. 

I went for a walk on Saturday and then stopped by my friend, Lauren's, and we went for another walk. We were sitting out in her backyard later because it was so nice out.

Lauren was eying her old wooden patio furniture and wondering out loud what to do with it.

She didn't want to throw it away because that was wasteful, but the chairs and bench have definitely seen better days.

I asked her if she had any paint, and she did. 

"Let's paint it," I said. 

She was totally game, and next thing you know, we were painting furniture. It was the perfect weather for it.

Walking in Atlanta 

Later, after dinner, I walked home because it was so nice out and not yet 9 p.m.

I love walking, and I love that I can walk to and from friends' houses in my neighborhood. I also walk to and from my cousin's house in Cabbagetown all the time - it's less than a mile away. 

Sadly, a man was recently shot and killed near the Beltline about a half-mile from my house. He was walking home from dinner at a local restaurant where he was a regular.

It makes me a little wary about walking much after 9 p.m., not that the bad guys time their cruelty and wanton disregard for human life. But it was around 10:30 at night when the man was killed. 

Atlanta is a funny city, sometimes there are tons of people out and about in the neighborhood, but other times, even by 9 pm, everyone is off the streets and it feels a little creepy out walking by myself. 

On Saturday evening, as I crossed the street at Irwin and Randolph, someone honked at me but I wasn't sure which car it was or if it was even me they were honking at. 

When I got home I realized I had a text. It was from my friend, Joe, saying he could swear he saw me out walking with Bauer and if I heard someone honking, it was him.

Mystery solved! 

I had dinner with Joe and another friend of his on Sunday after spending most of the day doing chores and working on some photo edits. 

The above photo was the main photo I worked on over the weekend.

It took me a while because I did a few different edits that all landed in the trash can. 

I wanted to give it an old sort of look/feel because of the cemetery in the foreground and the smokestacks, Stacks Lofts, and water tower subjects, yet I still wanted it to have a modern look - I know, a little contradictory!

This is the final edit.

This is a shot I took a while back and never did anything with. It's fun revisiting old photoshoots and finding something I like amidst the many shots. 

Photo Naming

If you've looked at my website, you already know I struggle when it comes to naming the photos!

Sometimes a name comes right to me but most of the time I end up naming the print what it is - "Sunrise at Jackson Street Bridge" or something like that. 

Want to help? 

Let me know if you think of a name for the above photo...I'm drawing a blank...

Happy Wednesday!

And...see you between the raindrops because there's plenty of those here today - my poor dog woke me up at 5:15 this morning because the thunder scared him!


After we've named the photo, I'll put it in the Atlanta section of the website