The Butterflies of Inman Park

Historic Inman Park sign with a gnome-hatted fire hydrant in the foreground

Butterflies in Inman Park

I was walking Bauer yesterday morning when I came across a delightful patch of butterflies in someone's front yard. They were those little plastic butterflies on wires stuck into the ground but they were so cute. 

I had walked east, away from the Old Fourth Ward where I live, and into Inman Park - "Atlanta's first suburb." 

They had a tour of gardens last weekend and after I noticed the butterflies in a few yards, I saw a sign indicating they were marking yards that were on the tour.

I love little surprises like that when I'm out walking. 

I told Bauer to take note of the yards - that we'd be back in the morning for photos.

Yes - I shamelessly talk out loud to my dog - often. 

I had a Zoom call at 8 pm so I knew I couldn't make it back for sunset, so it would have to be more of a sunrise thing. 

I wanted to get some photos, though. It was too pretty to pass up. 

Inman Park's neighborhood association uses the butterfly as its neighborhood logo. There are butterflies hanging on porches and flag poles. I looked it up because I was curious about it. 

I took a screenshot for you: 

The Inman Park butterfly logo

The butterfly symbolizes unity. In the logo, you can see two faces in the wings.

One face looks toward the past and the young Inman Park while the other faces the future. The butterfly itself is a symbol of unity. 

With my love of history and architecture, I enjoy wandering around Inman Park. Some of the old homes are so interesting - Victorian with huge wraparound porches and multiple chimneys. 

Butterflies and Fairy Gardens

Inman Park always looks nice but right now it's amazing - all the beautiful blooming flowers. I've been doing a lot of sneezing lately!

People have gone all out with the butterflies and little fairy gardens too. There are also little red gnome hats in unusual places. 

I've thought about doing a fairy garden in my yard but it will definitely have to be in the back yard. People aren't as respectful of the yards in my part of town.  

I noticed on my security camera yesterday that someone was eyeing my car at 3:30 in the morning - standing and looking around and looking at my car. Thankfully, the person seemed to notice the alarm and that there was nothing in the car and finally kept walking.

I've had my car broken into several times on my street, though it hasn't happened in a while. 

It's amazing all the things I notice now that my son put up cameras.

Someone actually took a bag of my yard trimmings a few days ago. I wish they had taken both bags since the city has failed to pick them up for the last two scheduled pick-up times! I wonder what they did with a bag of yard trimmings??

I digress...

Sunrise Walk

Bauer and I went for a sunrise walk this morning to capture a few of those butterflies and some flowers...

Roses on a fence at a newly restored historic house in Inman Park

This is a newly restored historic home on Lake Street in Imman Park. I find the roses on the fence captivating every time I walk by. 

Little plastic butterflies on sticks floating all over someone's front yard

Butterflies in the garden

A little fairy garden in someone's yard with five little houses

A fairy garden in someone's front yard

I was caught up in getting photos and Bauer kept pulling on me. He tried turning me around a couple of times. He was ready to go home. 

We were out for about an hour and walked over three miles.

It's so nice out this time of year. It was 66 degrees and not too humid yet. I could walk all day getting photos on days like this but I had work to do. We were home by 8.

I like to enjoy every moment of this weather. It won't last long! Pretty soon all our walks will be at sunrise because it'll be too hot for me to take Bauer out later. I worry about burning his little feet on the pavement or giving him heatstroke. 

I spent most of the morning editing photos and writing.

I've got to get to the camera store and get the sensors cleaned on my cameras. I've noticed some dust spots on my photos lately.

Housekeeping. It's never-ending - even with my cameras!

I hope you get a chance to get outside for a few minutes today, especially if you're here in Atlanta!

Enjoy your day:)

And...see you between the raindrops!