The Ever-Changing Atlanta Skyline

The Atlanta Skyline 2016 including the old Equitable buildingAtlanta in 2016

The Ever-Changing Atlanta Skyline

I was going through some older photos last week and came across this one. I thought it would be fun to show. 

This is a partial skyline view of Atlanta in 2016. I don't remember where I was standing when I took the photo - probably on top of a parking garage somewhere.

I miss the Equitable sign on the Equitable building.

The Equitable is a well-known piece of architecture - designed by the renowned Chicago firm Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill. The building is a minimalist style, and its former iconic sign complemented the architecture well. It was actually part of the façade.

The building is now 100 Peachtree Street (though everyone still calls it The Equitable) and it doesn't look as nice. It's owned by Georgia's Own Credit Union now and the message on the sign changes all the time.

The sign is bright and often obnoxious even if the messages are appropriate. 

According to this website, yesterday, the sign currently says, "Thanks, US Armed Forces."  

It's like the former Suntrust building that's now Truist. They put some pretty ugly branding on top of the building. 

Atlanta has an ever-changing skyline but I wish the people making the decisions would take the history and architecture into account when they're making branding choices. So much of the signage looks terrible. It's a blight on the skyline. 

I guess the good news for photographers is that we can go to the same spot every few months and take the same photo and it looks totally different!

Those are my thoughts for today - hope you have a good one!

See you between the raindrops...


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