The Grady Curve

Grady Hospital at sunset

Atlanta's Famous Curve

If you live in Atlanta, you're familiar with the "Grady Curve." It's the curve on the 75/85 connector right by Grady where traffic always comes to a halt when you're going south. 

Grady Hospital is right there. 

I only live about a mile from Grady Hospital but I had never been down to the hospital (that's good, right?) until this past December. 

Now that I've been down there, I'll definitely be going back. The area has some interesting and different views of the city and some wonderful architecture.

Here's a photo I've been working on (on and off) since I went. The evening I was down there wasn't really very nice, but I've been doing some creative editing and compositing to get a look I like better. 

I still want to catch one of Atlanta's signature sunsets while down there. Hopefully, I'll capture one soon.

And a big thank you to all those hardworking people at the hospital and first responders putting their lives on the line every day to help others. 

Keeping Busy

As you can imagine, with the birth of my granddaughter last week, I've been busy! 

I watched my son and DIL's dogs for a week. I returned them on Saturday and it was interesting.

The dogs aren't quite sure what to make of the sweet little bundle now capturing everyone's attention. 

I'm smitten and can think of almost nothing else. But, I need to get back to my photos. 

We've had a few days of faux spring and I'm itching to get out and shoot. 

Survey Results

If you recently participated in my survey - thank you!

One of the things a lot of people asked for is to see what the art looks like in real life - different size prints, types of materials, and more. So, I'm going to do some live art shows on Facebook. Yikes! 

I'm also going to work on some videos so you can see how I create my work, and I'll be sending out new releases in my newsletter - those are the things people really wanted to see. 

Please bear with me! I'm always learning and tweaking how I do things so I can give people the most of what they want:)

See you between the raindrops!


You can find this new release here on my site