The Hairy Highland Cow

An Atlanta photographer captures a photo of a Highland cow on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

A Highland cow on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

An Atlanta Photographer's Flashback to Scotland

Wow - another summer evening in Atlanta, another thunderstorm.

It's Tuesday evening and I'm sitting down to write my blog post as the rain pelts the living room skylights and thunder rolls across the sky, turning my dog into a small quivering mass of fur. 

Last night (Monday) we had a crazy thunderstorm with flashes of lightning that left the air sizzling. It wasn't the weather for venturing outside. 

I've been going through photos in search of edit-worthy images since, between the rain and the heat, I haven't gotten out much for photos this summer.

Realization dawned on me that exactly a year ago I was with my parents enjoying ourselves on the Isle of Skye so I pulled up my Scotland photos and looked through them. I laughed out loud when I came to the few photos I had of a Highland cow because I remembered my childish delight at seeing one of these famous cows up close. 

A Highland cow reminds me of a big shaggy dog, and, like a child, I wanted to get right in there and pet it. I immediately dubbed this one Red. I also wanted to get the perfect angle on a photo, but since there was a fence between me and the cows, that wasn't going to happen. 

I waited patiently and moved around on my side of the fence and finally got a photo I liked - the one above. Don't you want to pet that cow - or at least comb its hair?

Cows aren't my usual photo subjects but I love animals and a photo safari to South Africa is high on my list of trips to take.

The other place I'd love to go is Iceland. That's been on my list for about 20 years. I think that one has failed to manifest itself because I don't love cold climates and I'm unequipped. Iceland takes major investment and preparation but I hope to make it there in the next couple of years. 

For now, I'll just work on getting myself out in Atlanta. Looks like it's going to be oppressively hot for at least the next couple of weeks but I hope to get out for some new photos soon.

High on my list of places to shoot is the Braves Stadium. I've had a couple of people asking for photos of the stadium, so I'll get up there soon. 

Have a great week and see you between the raindrops!


PS - The Highland cow photo - Meet Red - is a new release on my website here