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An Atlanta photographer Hyatt Regency downtownThe Marriott Marquis in Atlanta

Atlanta Architecture

I mentioned in last week's blog post that I love John C. Portman's architecture. Portman was much criticized as a fledgling architect by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) due to his dual role as developer and architect. But, he's also a much-admired architect who designed many buildings in Atlanta and around the world.

I'm definitely in the admirer's camp. 

From what I've read, Mr. Portman became a developer because he wanted more control over his projects. That makes sense to me. Portman was an artist as well as an architect, and I imagine it was tough designing for clients who didn't always share his vision. 

As a photographer, I love the repeating lines and beautiful curves of Portman's buildings.

The above cover photo is the atrium in the Hyatt Regency here in downtown Atlanta. The grand atrium was groundbreaking when the hotel opened in 1967 and the concept made Portman famous. 

Notice the shape of the beautiful glass elevators as they transport guests to and from their floors - like they're getting ready to launch in Willy Wonka's glass elevator. I always enjoy wandering around and capturing photos in these Portman-designed buildings.

The Portman buildings are the perfect place to practice shooting architecture from different angles and viewpoints as well as mastering your tripod for dark indoor spaces or ditching the tripod and using ISO to compensate.  It's challenging shooting around some of the architectural pieces, like the sculpture Flora Raris by Richard Lippold but that's what makes it fun.    

It's a busy week for me with my daughter here from Chicago but I didn't want to forget my blog post, especially since I had already said I'd write something about Portman's architecture. it is, and I'll leave you with a couple more photos so you can love Portman's architecture too!

An Atlanta photographer at Atlanta's Marriott Marquis

The Marriott Marquis atrium

An Atlanta photographer at the Hyatt Regency in the atrium

Looking up from the famous Hyatt Regency Atrium

Enjoy your day and week - 

And see you between the raindrops!


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