What's Up Wednesday?

Early morning light shining on the tree-covered sidewalk

Early morning light shining on the sidewalk

What's Up Wednesday?

I was up early and rushed to get a few chores done, thinking I'd make it out for sunrise. Well...I was in the middle of things and looked out the window and realized I was missing the sunrise.

The good news is, it wasn't a spectacular sunrise. There weren't many colors in the sky this morning and no clouds whatsoever, so there wasn't a lot of texture. 

That didn't stop me from grabbing my camera when I took Bauer out walking. 

One of my walks takes me to the Freedom Park Trail where I cross Freedom Parkway on a pedestrian bridge and go down into a little neighborhood. Then I cut over down to the Beltline. 

As a rule, I stay off the Beltline when I have Bauer with me, but for this walk, we're only on the Beltline for a couple of minutes to cross over and go back into the neighborhood. 

Strangely, Bauer is a little funny about that walk. As soon as I cross down onto the street that leads to the Beltline, he always tugs me to go back the other way. I tug back and we keep walking. 

We've done this walk soooo many times and one of the things I love about it is how the morning light shines down through the trees and adds some dappled-light dimension to the sidewalk. 

It's an old neighborhood and lots of foliage from the trees hangs over the sidewalks.

Everything is so lush and green right now. Summer doesn't start until June 20th officially, but it feels like we've crossed over from spring to summer here in Atlanta. 

It was 90 degrees yesterday and looks like it'll be in the mid-80s the rest of the week and next week. 

I finally took my camera this morning and managed to capture some photos of the tree-covered sidewalk. I really was too late past sunrise so I wasn't as happy with the photos as I would have been if I'd gotten out earlier. 

On Another Note

I've been entranced by the flower arrangement my kids sent me for my birthday Monday, so I had to get some photos. I need to come up with a small area in my house where I can leave a background setup. 

It's a struggle figuring out where to set things when I want a still life. There's always a bunch of clutter in the background.

I do have a big black blanket I can use but I don't always want a straight black background.  Here's a detail photo of the flower that I liked:

A close up of a rose in a flower arrangement 

Flower detail

This is one of the most beautiful flower arrangements I've ever had. It also smells divine from the two big pink lilies in the center. 

So, what's up for you today? Is it Wacky Wednesday? Wonderful Wednesday?

I hope it's a great day for you, whatever it is!

Enjoy your day, and see you between the raindrops!