Visiting Cerra de la Popa in Cartagena

An Atlanta photographer visiting Cerro de la Popa in Cartagena, ColombiaView from Cerro de la Popa - Cartagena, Colombia

Dealing with Covid

Quick blog post today since my head has finally cleared enough to sit down and write something. 

My son, DIL, and I have struggled with a wicked little case of Covid the last few days. Two nights ago, I was bordering on panic-attack territory because my sinuses were so blocked they felt like they'd explode, taking my brain with them. 

Thankfully, my son made it to a pharmacy and found a nasal spray that helped relieve some of the pressure and congestion. Nothing like being up all night coughing and trying hard to breathe to make you appreciate your everyday healthy life!

The baby has been a little fussy here and there but we're so glad she's stayed healthy. 

We seem to be on the healing end now. 

Cerro de la Popa

Before we were all hit with the crud, we went up (and I do mean up!) to Cerro de la Popa convent on top of the big hill. 

What a beautiful view.

We took an Uber up. The road to the top is steep and curvy and lined with the Stations of the Cross. 

My son read that it's a bad idea, no matter how fit you are, to walk to the top. Between the steep and narrow road, the heat, and the neighborhood at the foot of the hill, it did look a little dicey. 

I didn't think the neighborhood looked especially bad but I did notice our Uber driver lock the doors as soon as we were at a stop sign. Hmmm...

The church at the top of the hill is small but quite beautiful. The views are stunning. 

It was mid-morning so it was quite bright and sunny but I got quite a few photos. The above photo was from my iPhone.

Whew. I'm exhausted.

This coughing and trying to breathe is taking it out of me. I hope to be over this in the next few days. I hope you're having a great week!

See you between the raindrops!