A Walk to Lake Clara Meer

A view of downtown Atlanta with Lake Clara Meer in the foreground

Photo Walking in Atlanta

A good friend of mine called yesterday and said she was up in the city and asked if I'd have time for a walk in the late afternoon. 

I had a couple of articles to finish writing and a few other chores but I was able to knock off around 5:30, so that was a definite "yes!"

We're having a beautiful spring here in Atlanta and I was anxious to get out with my camera. My friend, Kris, didn't mind if I brought some camera gear. 

Some people don't like walking with a photographer, and I don't blame them. There can be as much stopping as walking when you're out getting photos. We managed to get a lot of walking too, though. 

Challenging Photo Conditions

The sun was bright, bright, bright, making for challenging shooting conditions.

As you can see from this photo of the city, there was some serious glare from the sun which creates a sort of hazy look on some of the bushes around the lake. 

There isn't much you can do about such a bright sky but I used fast shutter speeds and stopped down the aperture. If you don't want to blow your highlights, you have to underexpose.

The sun still comes out crazy bright and it also makes the sky look a little odd with the washed-out areas contrasting heavily with the blue. 

I haven't taken photos of that view in a while, though, so I wanted to get some anyway, despite the challenging conditions. 

I'm going to go back soon at dusk and get some golden hour shots. We would have had to wait another hour for nice lighting conditions but we were ready to head back home and grab a bite to eat.

Beautiful green trees in Piedmont Park 

When I turned around from shooting the lake, these trees about took my breath away. They're so lush and beautiful. That harsh light that was killing me to look into when I was shooting the lake was lighting the trees beautifully. 

Always look around when you're out getting photos. Sometimes the most stunning subjects are hiding in plain sight. 

I hope you're enjoying the spring and getting outside for some fresh air. 

See you between the raindrops!


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