My Photo at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Atlanta photographer's image hanging at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson AirportMy print "Silky Sunrise in Destin" in the chapel on F Concourse at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Exciting News for this Atlanta Photographer!


Thanks to a dear friend that I've known for over 20 years, I now have a print hanging on Concourse F at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. 

Whenever I'm at the airport, I see lots of cool photos and think about how I can get some of my prints hanging there. One way is through the yearly contest in which the winner gets some prints hung in the rotunda area near the main security line. 

I've entered a couple of times but haven't gotten in yet. 

Imagine my excitement when a friend of mine, who's a priest, asked me about purchasing a print for the chapel on F Concourse.

Making a living selling my art prints is HARD work y'all. It takes a lot of time and persistence, as well as emotional vulnerability so it's sweet to get a break like this - to have my print hanging in not only a high-traffic area but also such a thoughtful, peaceful place.

Archbishop Hartmayer blessing the chapel

It was such fun going through the process of helping my friend decide which print and what size (there was definitely math involved!).

Please always feel free to ask my advice. If you look at this print on my site, you'll now see it offered in an additional size - the size that worked best for the space. I decided to leave that size option on in case anyone else wants it this big (54 x 36 inches).  

I have a daily practice of gratitude and I'm really leaning into it today. 

My friend took these photos on Monday when the Archbishop came and blessed the chapel. I can't wait until I'm able to get there myself and get a few more photos. 

Next time you're going through Hartsfield-Jackson, if you have time to stop by the chapel on F Concourse, check it out!

And see you between the raindrops - of which we have a few in Atlanta today!


PS - You can see Silky Sunrise in Destin here.