CanvasRebel Interview and Covid Again

An Atlanta photographer - Susan J

I hope your week is going well. I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible sore throat and a stuffy nose. 

Yesterday, I was thinking of setting up a Telehealth visit and remembered I had one Covid-19 test left so I took it, and It came up positive. At least I know why I feel so crummy!

I haven't been out in days and haven't gotten any new photos, but I did get sent a link to a recent interview I did for CanvasRebel. The above photo is the one they used for the interview.

You know the old saying, "The shoemaker's children go without shoes?" Well, as a photographer, I don't always get my headshot photos updated as much as I should. I was in a hurry when the folks over at CanvasRebel needed a photo so I took this quickly with my cellphone. I prefer to have another photographer get my headshot, and I like a natural outdoor background somewhere. But, sometimes I have to make it work in a pinch. 

Here's the link to the interview 

I hope you have a great rest of your week and stay healthy!

See you between the raindrops!