Capturing the Capitol

A spotlight shining on the gold dome of the Atlanta Capitol Building at night

Atlanta Capitol - July 2020. 

Atlanta's Capitol Building

I added this photo of the Capitol building to the Atlanta section of my website yesterday. 

I clearly remember being out on top of a nearby parking deck and thinking about how we should be getting to the end of this Covid pandemic soon. Ha. Little did I know!

The Capitol was finished in 1889, so it's been around a while. It didn't get its gold finish until 1958. That's not the only gilding the dome has had. 

The first time they gilded the dome, they did it in cold weather which hinders the gold from bonding to the building. Because the gold leaf is thin and vulnerable to the weather, they had to re-do the gold leaf around 1980. 

Now, instead of waiting until the damage is visible to the eye from the ground, the Georgia Building Authority repairs the gold leaf when necessary. 

The New St. Peter's Basilica

Speaking of domes, the most exciting dome I've ever been up in was the New St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican (new is relative - construction started in the 1300s). It was the second basilica built on the site. 

St. Peter's is the largest dome in the world at almost 450 feet tall. It was exciting going to the top and standing outside on the viewing platform.

We took the kids many years ago. 

My middle daughter didn't appreciate the view as much, since she's afraid of heights. It got a little sticky with her near the top of the inside staircase too but there's no turning back once you're in. 

The stairs are too narrow to accommodate someone trying to get down.

Also, if you're afraid of heights and have claustrophobia, I don't think I'd recommend going all the way to the top.

As you get nearer the top of the spiral staircase, it gets quite narrow. It's so narrow, there's no railing but instead a rope that comes down from the top that you can hang onto. 

Once you come out at the top, the views are spectacular. You can see Vatican City, Rome, and more. 

I wish I'd had a better camera when we took the kids to Rome. We were trying out a new digital video camera that also took photos. 

My son was so taken with the Colosseum, he took about 1,000 photos. We had to do some serious deleting. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos was pretty poor. 

The next time I went to Rome, I took my regular SLR film camera and got better photos. 

My mind's all over the place this morning!

Crazy Storm!

Are you in Atlanta? What about that storm last night?

One lightning and thunderclap were right on top of each other and so loud and startling that I actually let out a little yelp!

At the same time, Bauer jumped into my lap shivering and shaking and the wifi went out, though the electricity stayed on.

That lightning strike was a little too close for comfort. 

Today's more sunshine, 90 degrees, and about 60% humidity. Ahhh Atlanta. 

See you between the raindrops!


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