A Crisp Fall Morning Photo Walk

Beautiful red, orange, and yellow trees along the Freedom Park Trail in Atlanta

Freedom Park Path

Early Saturday Morning in Atlanta

I was up early on Saturday, with a few other intrepid souls, for another photo walk. We were standing on a bridge again, but this time I wore my heavy coat so I wasn't freezing!

We didn't stay on the bridge too long either. As soon as the sun was coming up, we took a walk around the neighborhood to see what was happening with the fall leaves. 

It wasn't as spectacular as some years but it was beautiful. 

There are a few trees by Freedom Parkway that are especially gorgeous with their deep red foliage. 

Deep red foliage on a tree in the fall in Atlanta

I had fun with this one.

I set my ISO around 640 and underexposed it a bit. Then when I brought up the shadows, it had a nice painterly feel.

I did some dodging and burning on the leaves in Lightroom to bring out the areas where the sunrise was hitting the leaves. I can't get over how red those leaves are!

I also played with some intentional camera movement:

Intentional camera movement on fall foliage. The photo looks like a red whirlwind

I set the shutter on 1/13th and with my left hand, I moved the zoom lens while with my right hand, I moved the camera in the opposite direction. It gave it a nice swirling effect.

It's hard to describe and it was also hard to do, but I liked the effect!

Our meetup took a pretty short loop but it took us a while. If you ever want to spend a lot of time covering very little distance, walk with a bunch of photographers! We take our time shooting everything we see. 

It was a fun morning and I got a few keepers. I put the path shot that I used as the cover photo on the website yesterday. You can find it here

See you between the raindrops!


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