Featured in American Express Essentials

Atlanta photographer in Cambodia behind the main temple of Angkor WatThe backside of the main temple at Angkor Wat

Susan J Photography in American Express Essentials Magazine

Well...that was cool - so cool I almost forgot to tell anyone!

I can't believe I forgot to share the news that back in September, I was a featured photographer in an article for American Express Essentials Magazine. 

The article was Take Better Travel Photos by Purnima Shrinivas. Purnima contacted me back in July asking me if they could include me and my work in the article. 

The article was supposed to go live in August but was pushed to September.

When Purnima sent me the email with the final details, somehow I missed it. A few months later, I remembered the article and I emailed her asking if the article ever came out. She re-sent the link.

The above photo was the one she used in the article. 

So...here it is!

It's exciting to have my work noticed like that:)

Rainy Atlanta Days 

I need to get out and shoot.

I spent the weekend in since I wasn't feeling well at all on Saturday. My son and DIL recently had Covid so I had no idea if that's what I had but I didn't want to take a chance at infecting anyone. Plus, well, I felt awful. 

It was a long day on the couch reading and watching mediocre movies. At least it was a rainy, cloudy day, so I didn't feel so bad staying inside. It's been pretty rainy this week too, so I haven't gone out shooting for a bit.  

That's all I've got today. 

Have a good one! 

See you between the raindrops which we've had a ton here in the ATL of late. 


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