Freezing for Photos

The sculpture at Trilith with a starry sky added in the background.The Sculpture at Trilith

Freezing in Fayetteville

I spent the first day of Thanksgiving week freezing in Fayetteville while getting some photos of the little downtown Trilith area. Trilith is a fantastic little community across from the Trilith Studios. 

My good friend, Kris, has a place in Trilith. She's the reason my work ended up in Trilith Gallery a few months ago. 

I got up early Monday morning of Thanksgiving week and took the 45-minute drive down to Trilith. Wouldn't you know it was the coldest morning we'd had in a while! It wasn't that cold again for the rest of the week.

 I arrived before sunrise and walked around with my camera. 

I had a heavy down jacket and boots with thick socks on, but when I'm taking photos, I can't wear gloves. I just can't work the controls on my camera. Fingerless gloves haven't helped much and I forgot them Monday morning. 

I sucked it up and pulled out my tripod and walked around. I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked, but it wasn't because I was so cold. It was because there's a ton of construction happening down there right now.

They're building a boutique hotel plus they're still in the process of building out the community. Everywhere I turned, there were tools, buckets, trucks, and lifts as well as construction workers in hardhats walking around in the dark.

I struggled to get a few photos I liked. 

I did like this photo I got of the sculpture near the shops. I added in a starry Milky Way sky for some texture and added interest. I like the way the stars are shooting out of the top of the head.

My hands were killing me by the time I got back in my car. I cranked the heat and headed home taking turns with one hand on the steering wheel while the other warmed up over the heating vent. 

Thanksgiving Day and Sad News

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was great, though much quieter than usual and tinged with sadness on Friday morning. 

None of my kids and their significant others made it this year but I had a great time at my sister's with her family, our parents, a cousin, and some friends. 

It's hard to believe it's already that time of year again but I say that every year. Some years feel especially quick, though, and this was one of those. 

It's also hard to believe we're still dealing with Covid, but my son had Covid this year so he wasn't going anywhere.

I'm glad we were all together in October for my daughter and son-in-law's reception. 

This Thanksgiving also came with sad news. My ex-husband's father, Hugh, passed away late on Thanksgiving Day.

Hugh was a great guy and I feel blessed to have known him and to have spent lots of time with him during the many years of my marriage. He will be missed.

He was 86 but his health was failing and in the last couple of years, dementia robbed my mother-in-law of the fun companion she'd enjoyed. She worked hard taking care of him the last couple of years. 

Hugh was a great walking companion and we spent many hours walking along Mission Bay in San Diego or along the many winding golf cart paths in Peachtree City.

RIP, Hugh.

See you between the raindrops.


For all the Trilith fans, I put this photo in the Georgia Landscapes Gallery