Getting Ready for the Art Festival

An Atlanta photographer captures beautiful purple umbrellas hanging overhead on a street in the Old City of Cartagena, ColombiaUmbrellas overhead in the Old City of Cartagena in Colombia

Festival Prep

The Shakerag Festival in September is my first go at selling my work at an arts festival, and the amount of work to get ready has kept me busy lately. Between getting ready for the festival, this blazing hot weather, the nearly daily thunderstorms, and my sore ankle, I haven't gotten out to get any new photos...still!

I'm writing this post late Tuesday afternoon and we're having another thunderstorm, which made me think of umbrellas, which made me think of the umbrella photos I got when I was in Cartagena back in January which is why I used this photo for Wednesday's blog post. 

Not a long post for Wednesday, but a reminder to stop by the Shakerag Festival if you're in the area on September 16th and 17th. It's at 201 McIntosh Trail by the Amphitheater in Peachtree City. 

I'll have a 10 x 10 booth which isn't super big and since this is my first show, I'm not going over the top on inventory. But, I'll have a good selection of prints - a few large metal prints, some canvas, and quite a few small matted prints too.

If you want something you've seen on my site and I don't have it at the festival, I can help you order it at the show and have it sent straight to your house. 

Right now I'm working on the various ways of taking payment and how best to set up the booth. I'm praying for perfect weather for the weekend of the show. I'm in a couple of Facebook groups that are for artists selling their work at fairs and festivals and I was horrified to see that a bunch of people had their booths blown over during some bad weather at a recent fair. I felt so bad for them. It's so tough getting all this set up and it would be a bummer to have it get blown away - literally!

I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and enjoying a weekend with my family. My parents and my sister and her family are helping me in the booth. 

Have a good one, and see you between the raindrops!


You can browse my inventory here and let me know if there's something you'd like to see at the Shakerag Festival - just let me know in the next few days so I have time to order it.