Fun in Florida

A pink, orange, and yellow sunset with trees in the foreground in Port Charlotte, FloridaBeautiful Florida sunset

Crazy Atlanta Traffic

I was a guest on my friend, Liz's, podcast Lectio and Lattes on Friday the 14th (it aired on the 23rd). I was scheduled to be at her house around 8 a.m. She lives about a half-hour from me, so I left myself 45 minutes for unexpected traffic. 

Oh geez.

I always have my GPS on when I'm driving around Atlanta because traffic gets so crazy.

That morning, it took me a totally different way to get on the 75/85 connector, but traffic was backed up and when I finally got around the corner and could see the freeway on-ramp, it was blocked by several police cars with flashing lights. 

I made a quick u-turn and drove in the opposite direction with a prayer under my breath that whatever was happening wasn't fatal to those involved. 

The GPS hadn't caught up and kept trying to take me back toward the freeway on-ramp. I tried another on-ramp and it was also blocked.

I got on Peachtree Street instead and drove north until I could finally get on the 85. When I got to Liz's, I found out there was a terrible accident with at least one fatality, and the entire freeway going north was closed down.

Not the most auspicious start to the day, was great seeing her and I enjoyed doing the podcast with her. 

More Driving

When we finished up, I wanted to stay longer and visit but I had to hightail it back home and pack up my stuff because I was heading down to see my daughter and SIL in Tallahassee, Florida. 

They missed Christmas with us, so I was missing them and wanted to bring them their gifts.

It was about a five-hour drive down, but no traffic at all which was nice.

Bauer settled into his dog bed in the back seat and did pretty well. He's not always the best car rider. He shakes and shivers with anxiety and nerves, poor guy. 

The weekend in Florida was lovely.

Saturday's weather couldn't have been better, though Sunday got cold and rainy. We took a long walk on Saturday - here's some of what we saw:

Piney Z Lake in Tallahassee, Florida - a photo of the lake with a clump of interesting trees/foliage in the center of the photo

This is Piney Z lake. We walked about four miles around the lake and enjoyed the sunshine. 

The weekend went by too fast, and my daughter and SIL had to get to work on Monday morning, so, as I mentioned last week, I kept going south down to Port Charlotte to stay with some good friends who moved there recently. 

It was gorgeous, as you can see from the cover photo. We were all working all week but it was great to be somewhere different and with a gorgeous view and nice weather. 

And the dog! Their beloved dog Maude passed away some months back but they recently got a new dog. He's a hoot! Meet Sunny:

A cute flat-faced French bulldog sitting on his haunches

So...eight-hour drive on Saturday, but Bauer and I are back in the ATL and working away.

I'm going to add a few photos I took in Florida to the Florida collection on my site. I like the one I took at Piney Z lake, so I think it'll make the cut. I took some in Port Charlotte at Punta Gorda one morning and I might add a couple of those too. 

I hope you're having a good week so far!

No raindrops here for now!


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