It's Just One of Those Days

The lake at Piedmont Park with a beautiful blue sky and fall foliage on the treesPiedmont Park 

One of Those Days

Technology really does make me crazy and Facebook is one of the worst. 

I understand they make changes to try and enhance the user experience and make things better overall but every time I get used to posting one way, they change it up. 

Recently, they've introduced a whole new "experience." That's what it's called, Meta Experience pages or something like that. 

I posted a video yesterday and a couple of hours later my cousin texted me a photo of the video from her phone and it was sideways. I went to my desktop computer and checked.

Everything looked fine. 

I went to a different browser and checked, and everything looked fine. 

Then I went to the mobile app...ugh - the video was sideways. 

I worked for an hour trying to fix it.

What was worse was that every time I looked at it on the app, it would start in the proper orientation and then suddenly flip sideways. 

Super frustrating. 

So...if you saw my video on the FB app and it was sideways, I apologize. I did an extensive internet search but couldn't figure it out. I asked in a few FB groups but so far there's no answer. 

I decided to post it again from my phone and it seemed to post in the proper orientation. I've left the other one too because I'm afraid if I delete that one, then someone who might be trying to get back to it won't be able to find it. 

Ugh. Facebook.

On top of it all, my poor granddaughter is teething and she was not a happy camper yesterday. She's such a good-natured little thing so I know she must not feel well when she's grumpy and crying like that.  

I had a neighborhood meeting in the evening, a friend coming by for dinner and a movie, and all sorts of things to get done by this morning before I pick up my granddaughter for the day - whew!

My Biggest Sale of the Year

So it was one of those days and I didn't want to carry it over into today but my brain sort of tanked and I couldn't remember what I wanted to write about for my blog today. 

The big thing I have going on right now is my sale - the biggest of the year - 30% off. 

You don't need a discount code, just go to my site and the discount will be taken off automatically when you check out. 

I'm hoping today is a little less stressful. 

And, I hope you have a great day!

See you between the raindrops - and we've had quite a few!


You can see my sale here.