An Atlanta Photographer in Minnesota, Art Crawls, Lite-Brite, and Good Wine

Union Depot in Minneapolis

Union Depot - Lite-Brite art

I wasn't shooting any Atlanta photography this past weekend. I went to Minnesota to visit with my friend, Justy, and her husband, Peter. There's nothing like visiting someone you've known your entire life. 

I love hanging out with people who share a similar history. You already know pretty much everything. It's just pure fun catching up and enjoying each other's company. 

It's already getting cold in Minnesota. It actually snowed while I was there! Well...these big white flakes were coming out of the sky for a while. They stuck on the ground for only a few minutes. They laughed when I said it was "sooo cold!"

We ate good food and drank delicious wine, went to the gym for yoga, and did the art crawl on Saturday. The art crawl was fun. It takes place all over downtown. Lots of artists' studios were open to the public. 

The above photo was taken in Union Depot - the old train station. The art on the right side of the frame was a giant work of Lite-Brite! Anyone remember Lite-Brite? I do. I loved it. 

I was framing the shot when I saw the kids about to run through. I waited a breath and snapped the photo as they flew into the frame. I thought it was a nice juxtaposition to the swirling colors in the art piece. 

Union Depot in Minneapolois

The architecture and detail in the old depot are interesting. It was dark in there and I was hand holding the Sony a6000. I had to pull up the shadows quite a bit. But I like the reflections on the well-polished floor and the sunbeams near the window. 

We stopped in a nice brewery after the art crawl - Urban Growler. Justy got a tasty IPA and Pete and I got the dark porter with a shot of espresso in it. I've never had that before. It was so good and the perfect late-afternoon pick-me-up!

Later Pete grilled some pork chops and veggies, and we had a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon we discovered on Thursday. Is it just me or does my photography blog often sound like a food and wine blog? Hmmm...

Can't believe I'm gearing up for the Christmas season! This year is flying by...

Have a good one!

And see you between the raindrops!



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