Juggling All the Plates

An Atlanta photographer's city view of Atlanta at sunset Atlanta - Golden Hour

Keeping it All Together

I hate to miss posting on my blog on Wednesday, so I won't miss today but this will be brief. 

I'm working on an estimate for a large print for a client, and it includes comparing different sizes and multiple mediums.

It seems like it should be an easy task but it takes me a while because I have to look up all the pricing info and then place faux orders on the backend of my website so I can estimate shipping and taxes. 

I've got an application for a festival in September that needs filling out and submitting. I'll share the details if I'm accepted. I've got tons of editing work and much that needs doing on my website - which is always a thing! 

I'm taking my granddaughter to visit my parents and sister today (they're about 45 minutes from me). My car needs an oil change and to have the tires checked, so I'll try to handle that while I'm there. 


Feels like I'm juggling lots of plates in the air. 

It's only a few things in the big scheme and it's just a day in the life, but it leaves me with no time for writing a thoughtful blog today. So I'm up getting this on the blank page before my day starts in earnest. 

Running my own business means I could work from dawn to bedtime every day and I often do, but today I'll visit with family. 

The cover photo for today's blog is a shot I got a few years ago from a freeway overpass in Atlanta. I like this view of the city. It's different than the classic Jackson Street Bridge view. 

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

See you between the raindrops!


PS - this shot isn't on my site but let me know if you'd like me to put it in the Atlanta gallery!