New Release Colorful Fall Photo

Atlanta photographer and a colorful fall photo of Piedmont Park's Lake Clara Meer and the City of AtlantaPiedmont Park's Lake Clara Meer and the City of Atlanta

The Color of Fall

I took this photo in December of 2021 and am only now getting it on the website. 

I had a few fall photos I really liked from the same shoot and somehow didn't notice this one the first couple of times I scrolled through the set. 

I noticed it last week when I was looking for fall photos to post in recognition of the last week of fall. It's been so rainy here in Atlanta that I've missed the last bit of fall foliage as far as getting photos, so I've been looking back through some of my other fall shoots.  

I loved the orange and pink in the sky and how they reflected the beautiful fall foliage surrounding Lake Clara Meer. I never tire of this view, and it always amazes me how different it can look depending on the season and time of day. 

I can't believe it's already December 14th - halfway through the month and at the end of another year. 

The end of this year brings lots of reflection for me. All of my vendors are raising prices and even things at home are daunting.

I don't know about you but heating my house this season is costing me THREE times what it did last year. I'm grateful for my small home and that it doesn't get too cold for too long here in Atlanta. 

The writing job I use to supplement my income has all but disappeared with fewer articles available to write. 

When it comes to print sales, this has been the slowest Christmas I've had in three years, though I have several clients interested in getting some prints soon. 

Reality bites. 

So...doing lots of thinking about how to move forward and where I need to put my time, energy, and investment. 

I hope you've had a stellar year and you're looking forward to a wonderful 2023! If you've had a year more like mine, then I hope you're ready for a new year too.

I'm excited about what 2023 will bring because challenges always come with growth in one way or another.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

And see you between the raindrops - we've had plenty in the ATL lately!


You can find this Piedmont Park photo here