The Secret Garden Release

An Atlanta photographer's photo of a pretty door in the garden at Dunvegan Castle in Scotland


An Atlanta Photographer's Crazy Busy Thanksgiving Week

I'm pretty good about posting a blog post every Wednesday, but I completely whiffed last week and forgot. I figured y'all wouldn't mind too much since I've been sending more communications than usual plus a little Thanksgiving note...tis the season. I hope you had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving.   

It was a busy week. I had my granddaughter for nine days starting Thanksgiving evening while my son and DIL went out of town. 

The Monday of Thanksgiving week, my Mom went 10 rounds with a pesky treadmill and lost. She ended up with about 13 stitches in her face and a broken shoulder, ouch! Needless to say, she wasn't feeling too good at Thanksgiving, though she's progressing along amazingly fast for an 83-year-old. 

The irony. She was on the treadmill to change up her workout because she likes to stay in shape, but then she got injured on the treadmill. But, she's healing quickly because...she stays in shape. Thankfully, my Dad also keeps himself in shape so he can help Mom as she recovers. A big thank you to my sister too who lives near them and is also helping out. I'll take my turn for a day this week as well.

I was going to stay with my parents for a few days over the holiday with my granddaughter, but she's about 22 months now, need I say more? After the third time the baby spilled the dog's water (I didn't realize it had been set back down because the dogs were thirsty), I decided the kiddo and I would head back to my place and leave Mom to heal in peace.

I brought my niece back with us who just turned 14, and we met up with my middle daughter for dinner, so we had a good time despite our change of plans. 

I'm back to a more regular schedule this week, and the house feels a little too quiet, so I've cranked up the tunes and I've been going through some of my previous photo catalogs, including the Scotland group. 

I came across the above shot. It spoke to me, and I decided to give it an edit. I liked how it turned out, so I put it on the website

I remember when I took it. I love old doors, as you can tell from my Colombia gallery, and this one was no exception.

This door didn't have a handle on our side of the garden (this was at Dunvegan Castle), and it made me think of The Secret Garden. It's been ages since I read the book but as I recall it has some great themes about nature and the power of positive thinking. 

Who couldn't do with a little more positive thinking and nature?

Stay safe and watch out for those treadmills.

See you between the raindrops!


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