An Urban Photo Walk

A tree-lined road leading to the Bank of America Building in the distance in Atlanta, GeorgiaThe Bank of America Building in Atlanta

Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers Meetup

I went out Sunday night with my friend Lauren's meetup group - the Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers. We had a fun night!

I got to catch up with at least one other photographer I haven't seen since before the start of Covid. I'm so glad I was able to go. 

It was such a nice night - not too hot yet. There have been so many nights when we go out for some street photography and everyone ends up a puddle of sweat. It's called Hotlanta for a reason! 

I wanted to get the above photo from a slightly different angle but every time I got out in the street, as soon as I thought I had it lined up the way I wanted, a car would come. I had one eye on the street and one on my camera - one of the hazards of street shooting.

I haven't had time to edit many of the photos, and I don't think I got any that I want to put on the website, but it was good to get out shooting with a bunch of other photographers. 

Life has gotten even busier than usual because I'm now watching my granddaughter Monday - Friday while still working on my business. 

I'm smitten. She's a cutie pie and I'm enjoying her so much. is keeping me super busy while I try and continue to navigate my print business.

I was supposed to be doing 12 live art shows this year but my website provider flaked on that. The live art shows are hard, and I needed some technical help to pull them off. 

Art Storefronts had a deal they were offering at one of their webinars one day and I jumped on it. I had to commit to doing 12 shows to get a special price for their help.

It was a great price.

Unfortunately, they haven't lived up to their end of the deal. I guess they realized how much work it was and what a great price they gave us and they've "discontinued" the program.

I did point out that they weren't discontinuing the program, they were just choosing not to honor the deal they offered us. I wasn't too happy with them but there's not much I can do about it.

Besides - overall, I'm happy with Art Storefronts. They're a great website host and they do help out their clients quite a bit. win some, you lose some. 

But, I don't think I'll be able to handle doing the live art shows without their help any time soon - we'll see.

Keeping it short today...

See you between the raindrops!


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