On Time for Mother's Day

A colorful abstract photo of some leaves on trees in the fall in Atlanta

Fall foliage abstract photo - taken in my Atlanta neighborhood

An Addition to the Site

I used the above photo for one of my newsletters some time ago - I really can't remember when. At the time, my mom mentioned that she loved the photo but didn't see it on my website.

Note to self - shouldn't send out newsletters that have photos that aren't on the website! Sorry if I've frustrated anyone with that - you can always email me at susan@susanjphotography.com if you want something and can't find it on the site. 

I'm learning as I go along and I make LOTS of mistakes, so I apologize if sometimes I don't seem to know what I'm doing. It's because I don't. 

I've been thinking about adding an abstract art gallery on my website since I love doing abstracts and would like to offer some on the site. I've probably mentioned that a few times on the blog.

I haven't gotten my act together to finish the gallery yet, but my mom wanted the photo, so I added it to the website so I could order it for her. 

She's got it now:

Photo of an abstract photo printed on canvas hanging in a room.

Mom and Dad were at my house for lunch after they had an appointment in the city, and we ordered it for her then. We talked about a metal print and then they opted for canvas since there's a lot of light coming in the window near the print.

They didn't want the glare from the metal, which is sometimes an issue. 

I do love metal but that is one of the only drawbacks. If you're hanging one right near a window, you might have some glare and reflection. 

They were absolutely right, and the canvas looks great. 

Mom's a big quilter so she's trying to decide if she's going to use one of the quilts she already has or make a new one to put on the bed. She wants something with colors that complement the print better. 

Intentional Camera Movement

I took this photo when I had the Sony a6000 (which I've since sold), using a 55-210mm lens. I had the lens set at 55mm with an ISO of 125, f/14, shutter 1/3 second. I did some intentional camera movement - slightly up and down quickly as I pressed the shutter.

It's hard doing intentional camera movement because you never know what you're going to get but that's one of the things I love about it too. The more I do it, the more I'm starting to get a feel for what the outcome is based on how I'm moving the camera, but I still get a lot of surprise and duds. 

I went ahead and added the photo to the Atlanta and Georgia Landscape sections of the website and hope to get an abstract gallery up and running soon.

Wow - I am absolutely distracted this morning.

They're doing sooooo much construction near the Beltline on Krog Street which is near my house. Today, there's a methodical pounding noise that has been going on all morning.

My daughter and I walked by it earlier and it looks like they're driving giant pillars into the ground. 

The noise! City living...

See you between the raindrops!


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