Biggest Sale of the Year!

A beautiful sunrise with the City of Atlanta in the background and train tracks in the foregroundThe City of Atlanta from the Westside

Sale Announcement

I announced my sale on Monday. This is my biggest sale of the year - 30% off all prints and some merchandise. 

Use code blackfriday21 on checkout for your discount. 

This is mostly a housekeeping post today because I've had a couple of people ask me questions about ordering ornaments. 

I struggled for about an hour yesterday trying to figure out how to capture a video on my screen from Quicktime so I could post a video for you. I finally did it! 

It's amazing how such a simple thing can be so frustrating.

The directions are soooo simple for doing a little screen-capture video, but no matter how hard I tried and how many different places I found directions, I could not seem to make it work. 

The big issue was that my Mac is running the latest software version and some things have changed. I could not for the life of me figure out how to initially get the video to record and then once I got it to record, I couldn't find a stop button.

My son once told me that IT techs just search for answers but they're much better at searching. Well, I put my search skills to the test yesterday, and I finally found my answers!

The Video

I hope the video answers any questions you may have about ordering ornaments or a tote bag from the site!

I'll post a video on Facebook tomorrow that has some samples of the merchandise and some of my prints so you can getter a better idea of how things look.

There’s been a lot of concern across all industries about shipping this year and whether items will arrive on time for Christmas. That’s why I went ahead and started my Black Friday sale early.

Fingers crossed!

The most recent orders have shipped in a timely manner. Sorry about the high cost of shipping - I have no control over those prices.

I read yesterday that shipping costs are expected to remain high until 2023. my experience, once things go up, they don’t easily come back down but I guess we’ll see!

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues ordering from the website. You can reach me at I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

If you’re in a big hurry or in the middle of an order and having an issue, you can call me - 404.933.6842. I get TONS of spam/scam calls so I won’t answer right away - PLEASE leave me a message and I’ll get right back to you.

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday, and see you between the raindrops (60% chance tomorrow!).


Don’t forget to put in the code blackfriday21 at checkout for your discount on your website orders!