New Release for May

A creative atmospheric edit of an old deserted barn in West Virginia.An old deserted barn in West Virginia

New Release Photo on the Website

I worked on this photo a while ago and had a great time with it. I added in some birds and a bit of atmosphere - making it darker and moodier. 

I took it in West Virginia a few years ago when visiting my cousin. We had a great time driving around the backcountry roads looking for photo subjects. 

I'd love to take a little driving trip around Georgia and Florida to get some shots of old churches, cemeteries, abandoned barns, buildings, gas stations, and other Americana. I'm hoping to do a short weekend trip soon. 

After someone commented on Facebook how much they liked the above photo, I meant to put it on the website. It slipped my mind and I didn't get it done. 

I'm happy to announce I finally got it added to the site yesterday, yay!

No new photos this week. I was going to walk down to Ponce City Market and get some photos around there on Monday evening but the weather was on-and-off rainy and I had a lot of other things to get done so I didn't end up going. 

Hopefully, I'll get the shot I want before next week. It's going to be hard, though because a lot of the trees and bushes have grown up around the area, making it hard to get shots from the Beltline. 

I should have stopped and done some scouting last week on my way back from Piedmont Park but it was dark and getting late and I needed to get home. 

So...that's all for today - short and sweet. 

My weather app shows no rain but when I took the dog out this morning, we got pretty wet! 

See you between the raindrops!


You can find the new print here