Shades of Gray

A wall of graffiti in front of a blue sky with birds on Atlanta's Beltline TrailA wall of graffiti on Atlanta's Beltline Trail

There are so many colors in the world, it's too bad so many people miss the subtle shades. That applies to life as well as art, especially politics.

I'm so sick of the negativity. There are so many shades of gray and color to everything but politicians purposely obscure the subtleties. 

A healthy human eye sees millions of colors. A healthy human brain can hold many thoughts and ideas. There are always more than two solutions to any given problem.  

Voting Time

I took Bauer for a walk early yesterday.

My polling place is less than a five-minute walk from my house, so we walked over and I voted. He sat quietly as I talked to a friend of mine who was working the polls.

I worked for a while after we got home, but I had a sinus headache coming on and was having trouble concentrating.

I got as much work done as I could and was going to lie down for a few minutes but went for a walk instead, hoping to clear my head.

A Cleansing Walk

I grabbed my Lumix and left Bauer at home so I could venture out on the Beltline without dealing with doggy craziness.  

It was beautiful out.

The sky was blue with a few puffy clouds here and there.

My sinuses throbbed but it felt so good to be outside. As I walked down the Beltline, I marveled at all the colors on the graffiti-clad walls. 

The paint glistened under the rays of the sun making it hard to capture the colors. I loved the way the birds came up in the background just as I took the above shot. 

I avoided the Beltline for the better part of 2020 and with this latest resurgence of Covid, I've continued to keep to the less crowded sidewalks around my neighborhood. 

It felt almost normal out on the Beltline yesterday, other than the tell-tale masks. 

Ponce City Market's outdoor patio on the Beltline in Atlanta

The Beltline side of Ponce City Market

I loved the interplay of shadow and light and the beautiful leading lines of the patio at Ponce City Market. I stopped and got a few photos here and then walked back home. 

Ponce City Market is about 1.5 miles from my house, so I had a nice walk. 

I still had a headache when I got home but it wasn't as bad and I was able to settle down and get some work done. 

I saw so many shades of gray, so many colors, and so many great lines and shapes while I was walking.

I've been on the Beltline countless times but there's still always something I can shoot. I love the challenge of shooting the same subject in different ways.

I hope your day was good and the rest of your week even better! I woke with a lingering headache but it seems to be going away now. I've got a lot of work to get done today. 

See you between the raindrops!


I hope to be getting some new photos up on the website soon!