Sunday Funday With a New Lens

A photo of the Howard Middle School Sign over the gym at Howard Middle School with beautiful clouds and the city way in the background Howard Middle School - taken with my new lens - yay!

A New Lens

My friend, Lauren, picked up a new lens for me when she was in NYC and gifted half of it to me for Christmas  - yay Lauren - thanks so much!!

I've told her many times when we're out shooting that I hate stopping what I'm doing to change lenses.

I do love prime lenses - they're awesome. But when I'm out doing cityscape street-type photography, I want one single lens that covers a wide range.  

When I went to Cambodia back in 2016, I rented a lens for my Nikon that had a huge range and even though I took a couple of other lenses on the trip, I rarely changed lenses. It was so convenient.  

I hate missing a shot or fussing around trying to change lenses while putting caps on things to avoid getting dust in my lenses or on the sensor all while I'm out running around getting photos of the city. 

Lauren has a great grasp of the technical aspects of photography and she loves doing research. She found a lens that she thought would be great for my Lumix that would keep me from having to change lenses very often when I'm out on the street. 

The lens is a Lumix 14mm-140mm and oh my gosh - it's awesome!

For those of you shooting on a full-frame camera, that's about the equivalent of a 28mm-250mm.

Since I started out digital with a full-frame camera, I always make the comparison in my head to get an idea of the reach. I think if I'd started on a micro four-thirds or crop sensor, I probably wouldn't do that. Hope that makes sense -it can be confusing. 

I took the lens out on Sunday morning. It was sprinkling, cloudy, and gray but the sun did burst out for a few minutes when I was at Jackson Street Bridge. 

Walking back, I captured the Howard Middle School Gymnasium sign (which I love!) with clouds and blue sky and the city in the background. 

Love this lens! It gives me so many options. 

I'm excited about the February reprieve so I won't freeze trying to get a few photos (the Feb reprieve - the 1-2 weeks in February here in Georgia where the weather turns nice, faux spring, the daffodils come out, and then it gets cold again). 

For now, I'll get out when I can and get some shots. 

Happy Wednesday!

And, see you between the raindrops - of which we've had more than a few lately!


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