Rainbows in Wonderland

A rainbow with a beautiful sky and interesting clouds

A beautiful late afternoon rainbow

A Happy Atlanta Photographer in Washington State

If you follow my blog, you know I finally took an airplane trip again!

I was scheduled to see my stepdaughter, Jackie, and the grandkids (B and Z) in March of 2019 when Covid hit. I canceled my trip and thought it would all blow over in a month or so. 

Ha! We know how that turned out. It's been about a year and a half since I've flown anywhere. 

Now that I'm vaccinated, I feel better about being out a bit, though I'm still using caution. 

A dear friend's father died during Covid and I wanted to be there for her now that they were having the memorial service.

I already had a trip planned to see Jackie and the kids in Washington, so I decided to do a combined trip to California and Washington. 

After attending the memorial service in Southern California, I headed up the coast.

I had my computer and my camera with me so I could get some work done, and Jackie was also working but we managed to slip in quite a bit of fun too. I just enjoy being with her and the kids but spending time in Washington in the summer is a nice bonus. 

The weather was amazing! So much cooler and less humid than Atlanta.

I also managed to sneak off for coffee and spend a few hours with another one of my dear friends I've known since elementary school who also lives in WA. 

Fort Casey, Whidbey Island

I've never been to Fort Casey on Whidbey Island and we decided to head out there on Saturday. It was the perfect day for it. Cloudy and nice and very little wind. 

I wish I'd taken more photos of all of us on this trip but let me tell you, capturing B and Z is definitely hitting a moving target.

The kids never sit still and they don't like posing for photos. 

The last time they were here in Atlanta back in October, the only photos I managed to get were of Z sticking her tongue out at me. She was still cute but it wasn't quite the look I was going for! 

I did manage to get a couple of cute ones on this visit:

Young kids holding a mini-Dachshund

The grandkids at Fort Casey

A woman with her son and dog

Jackie, B, and their little dog

I should have switched lenses for this one but if you saw how and where I was standing to get the photo, you'd understand why I didn't. I was up on one of the historic gun batteries, and I had nowhere to set anything.

Everything was cement, and I really didn't want to drop a lens. It's time to invest in a lens with a wider zoom range!

The Rainbow

Did you see the rainbow in the cover photo? I took a break and was standing in the backyard one afternoon when I realized there was a rainbow. 

It was a little light - not easy to see, but I ran and grabbed my camera and managed to get a few photos.

It made me so happy.

I spent a moment in gratitude for such a fun trip with friends and family after the last couple of years of uncertainty and a lot of solitude. 

Back in the ATL

I got home yesterday evening and today has been a crazy day of catching up on things. It's good to be busy because I miss Jackie and the kids (and their cute little dog) so much!

It's always good to be home.

It was nice catching up with my sister and her family for a few minutes (my sis picked me up from the airport ), and I appreciate being back in my own bed.

I was also happy to be reunited with my dog, Bauer, who was very happy to see me. 

It's hard with everyone spread out around the country but it seems that's the way it is for many families these days. 

I'm just glad I finally got to see the Washington family!

Now...I've got a ton more to get done before I finish up this workday.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and see you between the raindrops!