Sometimes You Have to Do it Twice

An Atlanta photographer capturing sunrise at Starrs Mill in Fayetteville, GeorgiaAnother photo from my Starrs Mill sunrise shoot

Starrs Mill Sunrise

If you think this looks suspiciously like last week's blog post, you're right! But sometimes you have to do something twice, and while it's similar, it's not exactly the same. 

I wanted to let you know about another new release on my site, and it's the above photo. When I got done editing last week's photo for the blog and newsletter, I didn't have a lot of time to put into additional editing, so I sort of forgot about the Starrs Mill photos for the week. 

Last night, I was looking over the photos that I'd rated in Lightroom and I liked this closer-up shot of the mill and waterfall, so I decided to spend some time editing this one too. 

When I was done, I liked it enough to put it on the site as well. I gave it the very original name of Sunrise at the Mill. Last week's photo was Sunrise at Starrs Mill. 

One of the things I loved about comparing the photos was seeing how much the sky changed between the two photos. The photos were taken about nine minutes apart and look how different the sky was in the first one I took:

An Atlanta photographer getting sunrise photos at Starrs Mill in Georgia 

Taken at Starrs Mill 9 minutes before the top photo

This is why Monet painted so many of his subjects over and over and over. He painted them at different times of the day in a different light so he could see how they changed. 

I love that about photography too. It only takes a moment or a slight change of the lens to create something very different. 

I was up late last night editing and finishing up chores, so this is a short post today!

Have you been enjoying the rain? Other than it making it hard to shoot sometimes, I'm loving that we're almost to the end of May and we're not scorching hot yet. It'll come soon enough. 

See you between the raindrops!


You can find this new release on the website here