Double Exposure Experiment

The moon above Ponce City Market in Atlanta - taken by using the in-camera double-exposure featurePonce City Market with the moon - Double Exposure

Playing With Double Exposure

Monday afternoon was rainy and didn't look great for getting out and taking photos but it cleared late afternoon and it was definitely time to get out and do some shooting. 

My friend Lauren and I walked the Beltline down to Ponce City Market (PCM). It was a beautiful evening - a soft breeze, shining green foliage from the recent rain, and some puffy clouds in the sky. 

I've taken photos of PCM before but usually as an afterthought while walking down the Beltline. I've never set up my tripod and gotten some nice golden-hour shots. 

It was fun being out and there were lots of people on the Beltline. I even ran into a neighborhood friend I haven't seen in a while and got to chat for a few minutes. 

We got to PCM well before sundown so I took my time getting a few photos and finding a good spot to set up my tripod. The trees and shrubs have really grown in that area of the Beltline so the spot where I was hoping to set up is totally overgrown and impossible to use. 

Amazing Atlanta Sunset

As so often happens, there was an amazing sunset but it wasn't happening behind PCM where I wanted it! This is how it looked to the north-west:

Sunset over the City of Atlanta with pretty green foliage in the foreground and some very distant buildings in the background

The sky was radiant with orange and yellow and sun rays were shooting heavenward. You could catch a glimpse of a few tall buildings in the background. 

When I set up on the tripod and got pointed at PCM, I was disappointed that there wasn't quite the same spectacular sky. I still got some nice captures but I haven't had time to edit those yet. 

The moon was glowing through a hazy sky and was high up - not near PCM. I thought this seemed like a perfect time to try out the double-exposure feature of my LUMIX G85. 

Lots of cameras have a multi-exposure mode. My Nikon has one but I've never tried it. I remember making double exposures in the darkroom many years ago with the enlarger - I used to have fun with that.

I tried the double-exposure setting on my LUMIX on Monday and I'm semi-happy with the results. I would have been happier if it let me change my camera settings for the second shot. 

That's why the building has a sort of hazy look. 

The moon is super bright so to avoid blowing out the highlights, I had to use a quick shutter speed and a mid-range aperture. I shot the moon first.

The building was dark, so I would have preferred a slower shutter speed but I couldn't seem to change it.

Time to do a little research to see if I can change the settings while I'm doing a double exposure. I don't think I can but, hopefully, I'm missing something and I can figure it out. 

I think I got a few more captures I'll be happy with. I'm hoping to put a nice one of PCM on my website soon. I haven't had time to edit the others. 

And...don't get me started but since I downloaded the latest OS for MAC (Monterey), I've been having some buggy issues with Lightroom. Last night I had to restart my computer just to be able to export a photo from Lightroom. Ugh. 

The technology aspect of photography drives me batty. 

And...more rain today on and off. 

I hope you're having a good day!

See you between the raindrops!


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