Twisted Around and Falling Down

Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta - the inside of the tunnel with colorful graffiti

Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta

Walking in Atlanta

The last few days have been the perfect end to this crazy year. 

If you read my blog often, you know I like walking around Atlanta and that I take my dog, Bauer, out walking a lot. We both need the exercise.

When we're on our exercise walks, I usually don't take my camera. It's too hard getting photos when I've got Bauer on the leash.

He's crazy.

Let me show you what I mean:

That's Bauer after the doorbell rings. And, yep - that's my messy house. 

Since my youngest came home for a few months, we've had a lot of extra stuff in my little place, plus moving things around so we could fit a tree. 

Organizing - one small thing in a long list of things I have to do...


When we're out walking and Bauer sees another dog, he has a similar reaction to the one in the video, sometimes worse! 

I get some looks, y'all. Sometimes I get the stink eye, sometimes it's a look of profound pity, others burst out laughing. 

I've talked to a trainer and follow his recommendations (carry treats, make him sit and stay a lot, etc). 

Bauer IS doing much better when we're out around other dogs, but he's almost 11 years old. I don't think he's ever going to be completely comfortable when he's on a leash and we come across another dog.

Lately, he's barking at people too. Ugh.  

Twisted Around and Falling Down

I was out on Sunday afternoon with Bauer. It was a beautiful day! The weather was nice, and the sky was blue. 

We walked by several other dogs and humans, and Bauer was out of sorts. 

I don't think the masks are helping. 

As we approached Irwin Street from Auburn Ave near the Beltline (not on the Beltline - I never take Bauer on the Beltline!), there was a chainlink fence fallen across the sidewalk.

I walked back over to the scene of the crime yesterday and got a couple of photos. 

Chainlink fence fallen across the sidewalk in Atlanta

Fence fallen across the sidewalk

There was no room to navigate around it on the sidewalk. There were cars coming down the street going a little too fast, as usual. 

I turned to look over my left shoulder to check traffic as I stepped down into the street. Bauer saw something and pulled in the opposite direction. 

My foot went down...half-in and half-out of a nasty little pothole. 

A pothole in the street in Atlanta


As I flailed my arms in an attempt to stay standing, I heard a pop in my ankle, and I fell forward onto my right hand and knee.


Bauer yelped, and I swore. 

Oh. my. gosh.

It hurt so bad. 

I was trying not to cry while reining Bauer in on his leash so he didn't get hit by a car as he jumped around me to see if I was okay. I was afraid to stand up. 

I've finally got health insurance, but it's a catastrophic plan only. My deductible is about $12,000.

The LAST thing I need is a broken ankle. The LAST thing anyone needs right now is a broken ankle!

I sat for a minute nursing my right hand, contemplating standing up, and calming Bauer. 

Finally, I stood up and gingerly put my left foot down. 


I had a huge sense of relief and gratitude flood over me as I realized my ankle was NOT broken! YAY!

I could feel every tense muscle in my back, neck, arm, and right quad. My ankle was throbbing. 

Thankfully, we were less than a half-mile away from home. I hobbled home and took a look at my ankle. 

It was swelling but there wasn't any bruising. I sat down and put the leg up and put a bag of ice on it. 


It's Wednesday now and the ankle is better. 

I walked about two miles yesterday at a slower-than-normal pace. It's sore and swollen, but okay. 

I'll take it easy for a few days. 

So...that's my last few days. Seems like a fitting end to 2020.

My constant refrain this year has been, "Well, at least I'm still standing!" 

I meant it quite literally this time!

I hope you're having a good week!

See you between the raindrops!


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