A Visit to Washington State

Mountains in Washington State as seen from Lake StevensMountains in Washington State

An Atlanta Photographer in Washington

I was out in Washington State last week visiting my stepdaughter (I guess former stepdaughter, technically).

She was getting married so it was a big busy week. The kids had been sick, and then she got sick with a terrible cold two days before the ceremony. Thankfully, she rallied for the big day. 

It was a small, low-key ceremony, and I took photos for her. I'm sure I've said many times here that I'm not a wedding photographer. It's not my thing, but I managed to get a few good photos of the day. 

We saw a lovely double rainbow in the backyard a couple of days before the wedding. An auspicious sign, I'd say! 

A double rainbow in a colorful orange and pink sky

Beautiful double rainbow!

The Venue

The wedding was at her friend's house - outside on a lush, five-acre property. There's a raised platform in the back that was built by the original owners for a wedding, so it was perfect. 

A beautiful wedding venue

I arrived in Washington last Saturday. Easter was sunny, blue, and beautiful and then it rained on and off the rest of the week.

We were worried about rain on Friday since the ceremony and reception were outside, but other than a couple of small sunshowers, the day was beautiful. It's definitely risky planning an outdoor wedding in Washington in April!

The shooting conditions for photos were less than ideal. The ceremony was at 5 o'clock with the bright afternoon sun coming down on one side of the ceremony. 

There were shadows on faces. Yikes. 

It was challenging. 

At the end of the day, perfect photos aren't what we'll remember about the day. The beautiful ceremony, the family and friends - that's what we'll remember.

But, they'll have some nice photos too.

The happy couple after the wedding

I'm back in the ATL and the big news for me is this is the first week I've taken on the task of watching my baby granddaughter during the week. It's an adjustment but I love it. 

I'd forgotten what it was like having spit-up on all my clothes. Okay - that part I don't love. But, the rest of it is good! 

I'll still have my print business too. It's going to be some juggling but I think it will work out well all around. 

Wish me luck and have a beautiful rest of your week!

See you between the raindrops!


I added the double rainbow and a view of the snow-capped mountains on the website here and here.