Beautiful Broadford Bay

Beautiful orange, red, and yellow flowers in the foreground with Broadford Bay in the backgroundBroadford Bay

Strolling Around the Bay

The first full day we were in Skye, we wanted an easy excursion. My dad was getting his driving-on-the-left-side-of-the-road legs, and we were tired from the 2-1/2 days of travel. 

Our friend, Rory, told us we should head up the road to Broadford, which is only a couple of miles from his place. It's also where Rory's church is. He's the minister at the Broadford Church of Scotland. 

The day was sunny but cool and breezy with puffy white clouds scudding across the sky. 

We slept in a bit and got a late start but ended up in Broadford in the early afternoon. The first thing we noticed was a little information kiosk, and it said we should be on the lookout for otters in the bay.  

It would have been exciting to see otters in the wild but as much as we looked, we didn't see any. We did see a breathtaking view of the bay and some of the islands. At least I think it was other islands.

I don't think we were looking at mainland Scotland, but we might have been. Even looking at the map now, I'm not sure of the exact orientation to how we were facing. 

We saw a signpost and headed out on a path to Irishman's Point - a short walk out past the Broadford Pier. 

Sign post at Broadford Bay - Isle of Skye

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day, and the temperature was perfect for walking. It even got a little warm. Thankfully, there was enough of a breeze to keep the midges down, so we didn't end up getting bit by those nasty gnats. 

My mom sometimes has a hard time with her footing on uneven dirt paths but she did great and we walked all the way to the end.

Her footing was better than mine when we were going up the ramp to get on the plane back to London from Inverness. That'll teach me to have a dram at 10 in the morning!

Amazing Fish and Chips

We made it to the end of the path, looking at the gorgeous plant life and the bay along the way after which we turned around and came back via the road, at least part of the way. 

As we came into view of the street, we noticed a LOT of people enjoying more than the beautiful weather. They also appeared to be enjoying the local fish and chips. 

We asked a local about them. He said, "Oh ya, you gotta try these," so we did. 

I've had fish and chips in London and they were great, but these? They were amazing. 

Definitely not the healthy way to eat fish, but oh my, so delicious. 

The fish filet was huge, and the chips (what we in the States call fries) were delicious.

Even though everything was fried, it didn't seem overly greasy which was nice. Overly greasy makes me (and my mom) sick.

If you're ever in Broadford on the Isle of Skye, I highly recommend the little fish and chips place that's right on the main strip across from the bay. 

We sat on a park bench looking out over the water enjoying or tasty fried treat. We did, however, skip on the fried Mars bars. That would have put us over the edge. 

It was a quiet, lovely day of sightseeing close to our temporary home. We went back to the house late afternoon where we were treated to Rory practicing his bagpipes before he made dinner.

He practiced most nights we were there.

I love the bagpipes and it was great to watch Rory play while looking out over that gorgeous scenery. It reminded me of the time Rory visited us in Georgia and played the pipes on our front porch on Thanksgiving. He was a neighborhood hit!

Dinners on Skye were wonderful because we ate almost all of them at the house with either Rory or me, Mom, and Dad cooking. The island has been a bit overrun with tourists and it's hard getting into a restaurant for dinner. 

That was fine with us. We sat at the table for a couple of hours at a time, enjoying our meals, drinking a little wine, and catching up with Rory and his family.

More to come...

See you between the nonexistent raindrops!


The photo of the flowers looking out over Broadford Bay is a new release on the site. You can find it here.