An Excited Atlanta Photographer, Oh My!

Peachtree City's Line Creek at sunrise

Featured photo from the article

I'm a Happy Photographer!

So...this happened back in December and I'm only now remembering to share the news! Yikes - not sure what that says about me...oh hey...look, there's something shiny over there on my desk...

Oh ya...I mean... I got an email from someone named Liz at

I didn't know who she was, and I ignored the email for a couple of days because I get a lot of emails from people wanting me to let them use my work for "exposure." 

Please, please, please - stop asking people to work for free. It's tough enough getting by as it is.  

I can't eat "exposure."

"Exposure" doesn't pay my bills. 

I often wonder how many other types of professionals get routinely asked to work for free. on a tangent...sorry. 

When I finally opened the email, it was a really lovely surprise. I mean, so super nice to read. I got tears in my eyes. Here's the note - sweet and simple:

Hi, Susan!

My name's Liz, and I head up content at Peerspace! You may or may not be aware of us (we're like the Airbnb for production, event, and marketing spaces), but we're big fans of yours and wanted to let you know what we featured you in our 8 Best Landscape Photographers in Atlanta article!

Just wanted to pop in and share the love. Please let us know if we missed anything!

Thanks, and have a lovely rest of your week!


That. made. my day!

And then I got a call about something and got caught up and forgot about it. Then later I remembered and wanted to share the news and forgot again.

Oh geez.

By now, the article is buried way down on their blog on the resources page from December. But, hey - it's there! 

Yeah! I finally remembered to share my good news. 

I take photographs because it's the one thing I've loved doing for almost as long as I can remember. I'm not gonna lie, though. It's nice to get noticed.

On another note, we've had a TON of rain the last few days and I haven't been out to shoot as much as I'd like.

I have to drag poor Bauer to get him to walk. He hates going out in the rain.

I make him go for at least a mile. I don't want him getting old and creaky. I don't want me getting old and creaky!

Walk on!

I hope you're having a good week, and everything is working out well for you!

See you between the raindrops!


PS - the above photo was the one featured in the article. If you'd like to own a copy of your own, you can find it here