Atlanta On the Move

An old boarded-up house on the edge of the BeltlineMini photo adventure this morning!

Wow! It's been hot and humid this week. Here we are in June and it's already in the 90s! 

That doesn't stop me, but it does make me want to get up and out early.

I was at my friend, Jaimie's, by 6:15 this morning to catch the sunrise. Jaimie used to live across the street from me here in the Old Fourth Ward. She and her guy needed a bigger place, so they moved about 10 minutes down the road. Not as convenient as walking across the street, but hey, no worries!

Beautiful sunrise clouds

I didn't bring Bauer this morning. Jaimie's dog, Maude, is a rescue too. Only she's a lot bigger than Bauer. I didn't want any doggie drama this morning. I wanted photos. 

Jaimie put Maude in the car, and we drove over to Glenwood Ave. They're peeling up the old railroad tracks and knocking down Kudzu in a hurry over there as they make way for the Beltline. I wanted to get some photos before they get any further.

Gorgeous sunrise clouds

It was a beautiful sunrise. 

I love being up early when it's quiet - well, almost quiet, except for the cement factory that's right next to the path. The cement trucks were coming and going even at that early hour. 

The dirt was thick and soft and a little messy from the recent rain. But, we had a nice walk. It's fun to take photos of areas you know will undergo radical change within the next few months. We walked up and down. I got photos, and Jaimie told me about this area of the soon-to-be Beltline. 

The Beltline is coming

After grabbing a coffee, we drove down to the end of the street where that boarded-up house in the photo sits. It's already got a variance sign on the front of the property. By this time next year, it'll be completely renovated, and the Beltline will sit above it. Big changes. 

Atlanta is a city on the move.

So am I. I hope you're having a great week!

See you between the raindrops!

xoxo, Susan