Breaking My Nose in Cartagena Almost!

An Atlanta photographer on the beach in Cartagena, Colombia at duskiPhone photo looking down the peninsula at Cartagena

Breaking My Nose - Almost!


I didn't actually break my nose but it sure felt like it. 

It was a busy evening and after a walk, we came inside the condo and then went out on the balcony patio. 

I don't have my tripod with me on this trip. It was just too much when I was packing, so I have to get creative if I want nighttime shots.

The above shot was from my iPhone which does a surprisingly good job of dusk, and evening shots hand-held.

Anyway, I stood up on a chair on the balcony to see if I could reach the top of the dividing wall between our condo and the next one over.

I could! I thought I could probably even get my camera up there and figure out how to get a shot. 

One of the great things about the Lumix is the articulating screen - you can move it around, so even if you can't get your face up to the viewfinder, you can move the screen around to see what the camera sees. 

Well...I got really excited and I was going to run inside and get my camera - that's when it happened. 

I turned around to run into the condo. 

There's a big sliding glass door, and I guess the glass was pretty clean because I forgot I closed the door. 

Oh. My. Gosh. 

I ran into that glass door so hard - nose first! My son and DIL thought I must have broken the glass because the noise was so loud. 

I had tears in my eyes and couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry - I think I did both. My nose hurt so bad.

I'm glad I didn't have two black eyes yesterday. 

That was Monday and it still hurts a little.

I've noticed that when you're moving around to different places, it's easy to do stuff like that, and guess what? We're moving to another place today!

We've been without an oven for a week and the AC in this place keeps having issues. The host has been great and keeps sending people in to try and fix things but with my son and DIL working all day, and me watching the baby and trying to get work done, we couldn't keep having people in and out. 

The host offered to let us move to another place down the street. more move here in Colombia, and I really hope that's the last. It's a lot moving this crew. 

I haven't started the Cartagena gallery yet on the website. I brought a hard drive with me so I could download some photos to edit but my laptop is so old, I keep getting messages that I need to free up disc space. Ugh. 

I'll probably wait until I get back home to work on the technical issues and start editing and get the new gallery up. 

I hope you're having a great January so far! 

See you between the raindrops! We had a thunderstorm last night here in Cartagena, but no raindrops!