My Coffee Table Book Is Ready!

A cup of tea with a photo bookA cup of tea and a coffee table book

My Atlanta Photo Book Is Finished - Yay!

I'm excited to announce that I finished my Iconic Atlanta photo book! Took me long enough!

This was a labor of love and took me a good long time. I'd sit down to work on it and then realize I needed to go out and take another photo. 

I know there are things that should have been in the book but I had to cut it off at some point or it would have been too big. I'm sorry if I didn't include something you thought should or would be in the book.  

Or, I'd realize I had a photo of the thing I wanted to put in the book but I wasn't sure where it was, so I'd spend hours looking through my archives for the photo. It probably would have been faster to go retake another photo. 

I loved putting this together, though, and I'm hopeful that the next book I decide to do will go a little faster, though I wouldn't count on it. I may try a different software program. 

My usual workflow includes putting all my photos in Lightroom, and Lightroom has a Book Module that lets you upload the book straight to Blurb. It looks so easy but don't let that fool you. 

I'm always watching tutorials for so many different software programs but I find myself with the same conundrum over and over. I have a question, which seems simple enough but I search and search, and nowhere is my exact question addressed. 

That happened to me a lot while working on this book. 

It always had to do with technical graphic design issues. My friend Lauren is a graphic designer so when I got to where I was almost finished but still tearing my hair out with a few issues, I asked her. 

She showed me the answer in about two seconds. 

She couldn't believe they didn't have an easy solution for it in the LR Book Module but they don't seem to. 

The issue was the aspect ratio.

I shoot with two different cameras with two different aspect ratios. It should be easy to line them up in the guides on the book module and crop straight from the sample page but they don't give you that option, so a lot of my photos weren't lining up and I didn't like the way it looked. 

Lauren showed me an easy way in the Develop Module in Lightroom to change the aspect ratio. It still required me to crop some of the photos, but once she showed me what to do it was much easier. it's done!

I'm selling it straight from Blurb

I wish I could offer 30% off like the rest of my current sale but I've set the price as low as I can.  

I'm so pleased to have finished this just in time for the holiday season. It was touch and go there for a minute.

Enjoy your day!

See you between the raindrops...


You can see a preview of the photo book here.