Did You See the Article I'm in on Redfin?

Railroad tracks with the City of Atlanta in the backgroundView from the W. Marietta St. Bridge

Featured on the Redfin Blog

If you've followed my work for long, you've probably seen the above photo. I took this from the W. Marietta St. Bridge on the Westside. 

This is an area I love to shoot from because it combines two great subjects - railroad tracks and the city skyline. 

Back in June, I was contacted by Mekaila Oaks from the real estate site Redfin. She asked if they could feature me, along with other Atlanta photographers, in an article for the Redfin blog. 

I was happy to be included. She said she was writing an article on the best places to take photos in Atlanta and she wanted my input. 

Yikes. Seems easy but it was a tough question. 

There are so many great places to take photos in Atlanta. 

The Best Atlanta Photo Location

Mekaila said she was asking several other Atlanta photographers the same question. I figured more than a few people would say the view from the Jackson Street bridge, Piedmont Park, and Ponce City Market. 

I thought about some spots that are a little less seen in the cityscapes of Atlanta. That's when the W. Marietta St. Bridge came to mind. 

I love that spot.

I've taken photos there in the middle of the day, at sunrise, and at sunset. I've always enjoyed the view and usually end up with at least a few good usable shots. 

So, I went with that.

I emailed her and said, "I love the bridge over the railroad tracks on W. Marietta St," and added a few sentences as requested about the area and what I like about it. 

Leave it to me to confuse the issue. Mekaila said she needed to be able to name the spot for the article (Westside Provisions, Ponce City Market, etc.), and that area doesn't have an exact name.

I got back to her and told her to call it the W. Marietta St. Bridge! Makes sense, right? 

You can find the article here.

I'm in the last paragraph. There were some great suggestions in the article, and I'll have to check out a couple of the places that I haven't been to yet. 

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

See you between the raindrops, of which we've had plenty lately!


You can find this shot in the Atlanta gallery on my website.