Adding Photos to the Website

Photo of a gorgeous green tree with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs

The Green Goddess

Tree Photos

Don't ya just love the look of Spanish moss hanging from the trees? It's so gothic. 

I love trees and photographs of trees but I really like getting photos of the Spanish-moss-hung trees that are all over South Georgia and Florida. 

I worked about 16 hours this past weekend and got nine more photos onto my website. It didn't take me 16 hours to add the photos, but I was in flow mode and just kept working. 

I do have a life, honest, but I definitely spend a lot of weekends working too. 

As I've mentioned in some recent Facebook and Instagram posts, I've been having a lot of fun playing around with some art placer software. It's fun putting my photos in all sorts of different rooms to see how they look. 

It's also fun because the rooms in the software program are nice, very modern, and clean, unlike my house. I make a good effort at keeping my house clean, but I'm a bit of a clutter magnet. 

A beautiful green tree photographic print hanging in an all white room against a white brick wall

See what I mean? I don't suppose anyone's house is this free of clutter!

Stuff and Such

Do you ever feel like you're barely keeping up with all the "stuff?" 

I spend a lot of time doing chores that seem like they shouldn't take that long but they always do. I was moving my insurance to a different company last week and I ended up spending so much extra time on the phone trying to figure out how to sign documents. 

Signing documents should be so easy now with computers. Email me the document, I sign it electronically, I email it back.


No such luck. I kept getting documents that said, "You don't have the permission to change that form."


In this day and age, do not make me download, print, scan or photograph the document, and then send it back. That's too much. 

It took two calls and about 30 minutes for one of the tech agents to get it figured out, but he did - yay!

I am saving money by switching, but what a pain. 

Anyway - some scattered thoughts for what turned out to be a busy day. 

I can hear the thunder now as I type, so see you between the raindrops!


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