A Beautiful Fall Day in the Neighborhood

Fall color in the trees in an Atlanta neighborhoodFall trees in Atlanta

Behind the Computer

Here in Atlanta right now, the weather goes from dreary to sunny to rainy all in a few hours. Rainy doesn't mean cold. It's sticky and humid. 

Yesterday was a light smattering of drizzle interspersed with blue skies here and there. Today appears to be much the same, only I haven't seen any blue sky yet. 

I was up before 6 and in the living room doing yoga yesterday when I remembered I had an article due for a client in California. I put it out of my mind and finished my yoga session.

Because of the drizzle outside, I knew my dog, Bauer, wouldn't bug me for his walk first thing.

He really fights me when it comes to going out in the rain. He sets his feet and refuses to move. I hate dragging him, and he doesn't refuse to walk often, so I let him have his way. 

I'm as adamant about him getting exercise as I am about getting it myself, but everyone needs a rest day now and then. 

I finished yoga and got right to work at the computer and wrote the article. As soon as I finished, I jumped into writing another article for a different client. 

I had a technical support call for my website at 11 a.m. and then a marketing Zoom meeting at 2 p.m. 

Somewhere in there, I got Bauer out for a couple of miles, showered, and did a LIVE IG in which I explained a little bit about wood prints.

One of the media options in my online gallery is a wood print - the print comes printed right on the wood. It's kind of cool, but I wouldn't recommend it for every type of photo. 

Fall Photography in Atlanta

I can't believe how quickly the day goes sometimes. At around 4, I had to give it a rest and get outside for a few minutes.

My head was swimming, and my eyes were strained.  

I grabbed Bauer and my LUMIX and got outside.

It was a little dark and dreary but the light had a nice quality. I've walked my neighborhood so many times, it doesn't seem like there'd be anything to photograph that I haven't captured before. 

That's what's fun about it, though. It's a challenge to take a few minutes and try and get something new. 

Like so many things in life, after looking at something on a continuous basis, we don't see it anymore. I like to challenge myself to see things from a different angle and perspective and to see the "same old things" as if I'm seeing them for the first time.  

Embracing Change

As a photographer and writer, I love that nothing in our world is static. The world is always changing. 

Every leaf on every tree, every blade of grass, every cloud - it's all different today from what it was yesterday. 

A neighborhood stroll through the changing leaves of fall

Old Fouth Ward in Atlanta

The Impressionists created a whole artistic movement around the idea. They painted life as our eyes see it - imperfect, moving, a little blurry around the edges.

Have you ever been on a fast-moving train sitting next to a window?

Looking out, the world speeds by in a blur of color and shape. Your brain knows what it's seeing and makes sense out of the blur, but the blur is really what your eyes see - a constantly-moving, ever-changing world. 

It's all that change that makes photography, writing, and LIFE so exciting!

I've discovered over the last few years that getting comfortable with change is one of the biggest gifts I've given myself.

Most people are so afraid of change, and I can relate.

It was in going through my divorce and huge changes that I had my first panic attack and came to terms with my inherent anxieties - the things that keep me up at night.

Thankfully, there were only a couple of panic attacks that gave me yet another perspective and a well of compassion for those who suffer such acute anxiety. 

Big changes are almost never easy, but the more I roll with the punches, the better off I am.

I've always been a flexible person who enjoyed doing adventurous things and I'm sure that helps.  Sometimes the more something scared me, the more I wanted to try it.

I think I had something to prove to myself.

This is something different, though.  This is about knowing in my bones that change is always coming and that I should embrace it and even look forward to it.

Hmmm...a little philosophical musing for your Wednesday. 

The Beauty of Falling Leaves

Walking around my neighborhood yesterday, I marveled at the changes in the trees. 

The colors were magnificent. 

Because of the mild weather, the changing of the leaves hasn't been as dramatic as it's been some years, and it seems like it happened a little late but autumn in the southeast is truly beautiful, and it happens quickly. 

If I don't get my camera outside and get a few photos as soon as there's a hint of color, the leaves are all fallen and swept away. 

I didn't do a great job of getting fall photos this year, but I managed to get a few yesterday!

I took the cover photo for this post handheld at 1/40th of a sec, f 7.1, ISO 160.

I can hand-hold the LUMIX at low shutter speeds because it's lightweight and mirrorless.

With my Nikon DSLR, the action of the mirror causes a slight camera shake, so it's harder getting clear shots at low shutter speeds unless you're on the tripod. Anything hand-held below 1/60th with the Nikon has about a 50/50 chance of coming out sharp, at least if I'm the one holding it!

It was getting dark already, and I was able to pull out the lavender in the sky with editing. Here are a couple more I got yesterday just roaming around the neighborhood with Bauer.


A glimpse of the City of Atlanta from an Atlanta neighborhood

A glimpse of the City of Atlanta - love the MLK quote painted on the bridge

A photo of the street with colorful fall foliage on the trees

A Season for Everything

There's a season for everything, yes?

We change. The world changes. Sometimes it's for the worse, sometimes the better, but it's always changing. 

The best thing I can do is make peace with myself so I can bring peace to the world. 

I think this world could use a little more peace, don't you? Peace, love, kindness, and compassion.

And dogs. Don't forget the dogs. We could learn a thing or two from the unconditional love of dogs!

My dog, Jack Bauer

My sweet dog, Jack Bauer

Hey! I see a little blue sky out there!

What about you?

Hope you have a great rest of your week, and...

See you between the raindrops!


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