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The iconic Clermont in AtlantaThe Clermont Lounge

The Clermont Lounge

I grew up in a little town called Claremont in Southern California, so I misspell The Clermont almost every time I type it! 

I've never actually been to the Lounge but I have stood in front of it, as you can see. 

I'm told I really, really should go check out the Lounge in the basement of the hotel. The website says it's, "Atlanta's oldest strip club and one of the world's best dive bars." 

The Lounge is featured in a few travel shows as well as being a favorite stopover for celebrities. It's quite the Atlanta landmark, so it's on my bucket list. 

I took this photo back in 2017 while the hotel was undergoing a renovation. 

Whenever I go out to get photos, I usually take at least 100 but often closer to 200-300. Sometimes when I'm going through them, I sort of go right past some that I think would make a good photo because there are just too many photos to take it all in. 

That's the case with this photo. 

I had walked from my house in Old Fourth Ward up to Ponce de Leon Ave with a friend of mine. I had my camera and tripod and it was a nice night out. We were walking up and down the street between the Majestic and the Clermont waiting for sunset. 

The clouds were beautiful and even though it wasn't sunset yet, I stopped to get a few photos of the Clermont sign. Later, I don't even remember looking at the Clermont photos, because I was more interested in the photos I took in front of the Majestic Diner. 

I often go back through my photos to see if I've missed anything that I think would be good for my website or social media. That's how I stumbled across this photo and thought it would be great for the website. 

I know a lot of people really love the Clermont. it is, new on the site. 

Short post for today!

Have a good one, and see you between the raindrops - there've been so many! And thunder. My poor dog has been on edge. 


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