Capturing Atlanta's Amazing Sunsets


A spectacular Atlanta sunset

Sunset in the Cemetery - ISO 200, 85mm, 1/60th sec, f/7.1

An Atlanta Photographer's Dream 

Did you catch that sunset? It was Saturday evening. It started out a little slow and then - wow! 

Fifteen minutes later, it was gone. 

I didn't have plans to shoot on Saturday night but went out last minute with my friend Lauren. I'm so glad I did!

There was a slight breeze and the temperature was perfect - a light jean jacket was all I needed. 

We headed for one of the local cemeteries. The dead people in Atlanta have some pretty spectacular city views. We got to the cemetery right on time for sunset and pulled out our gear. 

As I set up my tripod aiming toward the city, I noticed some lush, shimmering oranges and reds reflected in the windows of the buildings. I turned around to see what was happening behind me. 

Oh my.

Sometimes I have to stop, take the camera away from my face and rest in a moment of gratitude. To be privy to the everyday wonders of the universe is such a gift. 

The oranges, pinks, and blues danced gracefully across the sky. There was only a light breeze where we stood but the winds aloft were stronger and the clouds moved quickly from right to left. 

It's many an evening when I look out at the last minute and see an amazing sunset. But by the time I see it, it's already too late to grab my camera and get a shot. It was such a pleasure to be standing at the ready and not miss the magnitude of the beauty. 

I put the camera back up to my eye and shot the clouds. It was light enough still to handhold the camera. The clouds were shot with my Nikon. I shot the up-close city shots with the Sony. 

Soon enough, the sky darkened and the oranges and pinks gave way to deeper blues and purples. The orange reflections shimmered on the sides of the building for a little while and then faded. 

The city of Atlanta at sunset

ISO 100, 200mm, 20 seconds, f/9.0

No two sunsets are ever the same, and though I've shot so many at this point, I never get tired of looking at them. 

As we come into the busy season, I hope you have a chance to stop, take a deep breath, and give thanks for the beauty all around you. It's there - it really is - and it's free!

My daughter, Ellie, gave me a mug. The simple slogan on the side reads, "Find joy in each day - St. Philip Neri." I wholeheartedly agree. 

I hope you're finding your joy!

See you between the raindrops!


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