Capturing Photographs of Atlanta's Iconic Landmarks

Hand-made Old Fourth Ward sign in Atlanta, GeorgiaAtlanta Photography

I'm so excited now that spring is here and the weather is warming up. It's prime time for going out shooting photos around Atlanta. As an Atlanta photographer, I love finding iconic Atlanta landmarks to shoot. But I also like finding the smaller, less-noticed things that make Atlanta special. 

I was going through some of my old photos when I came across the Old Fourth Ward sign. 

Someone painted it on some small pickets from an old fence, I think. It was on a telephone pole near my house across from Jake's Ice Cream when I moved into the neighborhood over four years ago. It lasted for several years. I loved seeing that sign every time I walked by it.

But recently, someone took the "Old 4th Ward" part of the sign down. 

Why do people do that? 

I'm sure it's now adorning someone's living room or bedroom or something. The rest of the sign is still on the telephone pole...I think. It was the last time I checked. At least I got a few photos of it in the years that it was there. 

Atlanta changes so fast. I'm astonished at all the changes in this little neighborhood over the last few years. Some of them I could do without. It's gotten so busy. The pace of the building is insane. The traffic on these tiny streets is overflowing. 

I drive somewhere and then a week later, driving by the same place, I'll notice a whole new apartment building going up. Condos, apartments, houses. There have been two houses torn down in my neighborhood in the last three weeks. 

I'll be getting out more the next few months and snapping as many photos as I can around my own little Atlanta neighborhood. It's changing so fast. I want to capture what's left before it's completely changed. 

There are a few things I hope never change. Like the Krispy Kreme sign and the Kodak sign. If someone takes over the old Kodak building, I hope they leave the old sign on top. 

Krispy Kreme sign on Ponce de Leon Ave in Atlanta, Georgia

The old Kodak Sign in Atlanta on Ponce de Leon Ave.

What do you have in your neighborhood that you hope never changes? Hope you have a great weekend!

See you between the raindrops! We should only have a few this weekend!