Cloud Obsession

Yep - that's me - obsessed with clouds.

I suppose there are worse things with which to be obsessed.

Obsessed with photography as well. Photography and clouds together? Perfect.

Maybe it's growing up in Southern California. I grew up in the foothills of Mt. Baldy. We did see clouds, but more often we saw smog. We didn't get a lot of clouds or rain.

In San Diego, if we had a lot of clouds, it was more likely to be the dull overcast of May Gray or June Gloom - which now typically stretches into July. When we did have clouds, I don't remember them looking quite like this. The clouds here in Georgia are phenomenal - great big fat delicious puffy white cottony pieces of art floating through the sky.

Wonderful Clouds

If I could touch them, they'd feel like cotton candy, only maybe not so sticky. And though I'm not crazy about overcast cloudy days, I love a sunny day full of these puffy wonders.


I find myself looking up so much I'm in danger of running into things. Walking while cloud watching is as dangerous as walking while texting, which I hear is causing an increase in pedestrian-related deaths - ugh.


When I walked out the door a few days ago, this is what I saw. I turned so quickly to run back inside and get my camera, that I tripped over Bauer, eliciting a high-pitched yelp.


Sorry, boy. I grabbed my camera and ran back outside. I had on my 24-85mm lens and no polarizer, so I underexposed quite a bit to compensate for the brightness of the afternoon. Love the texture.

2016-04-07 Clouds1

I like the corresponding leading lines of the house and the utility lines in the picture to the right. I confess to removing a line that was running from left to right across the top corner, away from the house. It cluttered the picture and drew my eyes in the wrong direction. The wonders of Photoshop.

2016-04-07 Clouds76031

I gave this one a dreamy feel. I also left all the lines, because I liked the way they framed the house and clouds.


Right now outside it's overcast and gray. Not too crazy about that. Next time the big puffy clouds come out, I'll try not to walk and cloud's just so tempting.