Creek-Crossing Dog



Saturday was rainy and not super nice out, though the rain abated toward evening. A few friends and I went to dinner for St. Patrick's. 

Sunday was beautiful. I went to Ellie's (my daughter) and met her new kitty. It's another stray that needed a home. The cat's name is Harper.

Harper is chill.

She let me hold her like an infant on her back while I pet her. 

We took Bauer for a walk over at South Peachtree Creek Trail. It's not a long walk, but we made it longer by going out into the woods.

At one point we crossed the creek.

Bauer wasn't sure about that.

Ellie went right across, though, so Bauer followed. He didn't step on the right stone, though, and ended up pretty far in the water with the current pulling him in the wrong direction. I grabbed him by his harness and pulled him up to the stone.

I was wearing my Chacos, which was good because I didn't care if my feet got wet. But, it was bad because the water was COLD!

The stones were slippery. I had my camera around my neck and my phone in my pack. I couldn't afford to fall.

Bauer didn't make the crossing easy for either of us. I did, however, manage to take a quick snap as he emerged from the creek. Not a great photo, but it'll do. 

Jack Bauer, the dog, crossing Peachtree Creek

He likes the water, but he wasn't too crazy about that part of our adventure. 

We walked for about an hour. It's still a little barren looking, but this corner of the world is definitely beginning to green up.

We hiked over to the railroad tracks. I love getting perspective shots with all those leading lines. Railroad tracks are good for that. 

Railroad tracks near South Peachtree Creek

Of course, we came across the obligatory graffiti. It wouldn't be Atlanta if there wasn't big, bright, colorful graffiti. 

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, though. It was warm and sunny, but there was a little cloud cover, and it wasn't hot.

If you're in Georgia, then you know the weather's been crazy, though that's often the case this time of year. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring.

Being born and raised in California didn't prepare me for actual weather. I've been in Georgia 20 years, but I still can't get used to checking the weather every day so I know what's going to happen. If I look outside and the sun is out, then I assume it's going to be nice out.


It's sunny out right now as I'm typing this. But, it's cold out!

Stormy Weather

And oh goodness, Monday night? I had no idea that was coming. A tornado blew through!

I was sitting in bed reading and it kept getting louder outside. I looked out the window, and the wind was howling. It started to rain hard, and it sounded like hail.

My little house was shaking

Then there was a crack of lightning so loud I swear I could hear it sizzle. It sounded like it hit something, but the electricity stayed on. Storms don't usually bother Bauer much, but he started to whimper.

I brought him up on the bed with me, and he went under the covers like a small child. 

It didn't last too long.

My little house has been standing since 1930. I suspect it will stand a while longer. But, when the weather gets like that, it gets my attention. 

Soon after moving to Georgia we experienced our first hurricane. I had never been in one before. I didn't like it. It went on all night long! The power went out. There were trees down. It was scary. 

I guess no matter where you live, you deal with something. Growing up in California it was wildfires and earthquakes. Here, it's hurricanes and tornadoes, thankfully not too often.

I hope wherever you were and whatever the weather, you had a great weekend!

See you between the raindrops!